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Never Say Never

There are twenty-four hours in each day we live. Yet, no matter how much work we have to do, how many paths we take or the umpteen trials we may face, there is always a little time to spare to find something you can dream about and then still have time left to try to make the dream come true.

When we dare to dream, we spend most of the "time" allotted to us for this purpose, wishing we could follow our dreams. Well, instead of asking a thousand questions that may pop in your head around this thought, why not try to answer each question you face one at a time? Time is precious as we all know and we would never want to pass up our chance to walk through an open door of opportunity when it comes our way. Shutting out our dreams and failing to try to put forth effort to share gifts we have been given in a long way tends to shut out life. Don't waste the time you have been given to help make a difference.

What about you? Do you find time during your day to follow your dreams? Share your thoughts with us.
never say never,live your dreams

Don't waste your today,
Embrace life as it comes your way.
Appreciate the gifts you have to share,
And put your dreams out there.

Don't be afraid to try,
Don't always have to question "Why?"
Just do the best you can to succeed.
Don't be afraid to follow your dreams.

Never say never until you can't try anymore,
Always be brave enough to walk through an open door.
Don't waste your today's shutting out the life given to you.
Reach out and give it your best in everything you do.

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