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Seen and not Heard

The following was sent to me by a young nine year old student and I am quoting as sent without any changes:

One question: Why did the things we did as kids work from 1 to 5?

We all know we had hard times as kids and still now. We always went to bed thinking that the things we did made a difference but it did not help. The expression kids should be seen, not heard is the wrong expression to use. It's time to change that. Imagine if all the people who bothered you just disappeared into thin air. As kids we had bullies but we all stood up to them and won. The good shall win; the bad shall not. Now, it's time to make a difference. If we work together we can change that.

After I read this, all I could think to say was WOW. They say wisdom comes from experience and feelings come from the heart. But when words make sense without the experience and from a child, it is said to be: "Out of the mouths of babes." So why is it we don't pay more attention to what our children say? seen and not heard,analyse,experience When I was a child, when I was around the adults in my family, we were to be "seen and not heard." Often when they went on and on about a situation that was going on either in the family or the world, they would each give their opinion and then they would argue over the comments. I would often think of a simple solution in my head and wonder why they didn't think of my idea? But, they would never know it because I wasn't to be heard.

Truly, all of us have great ideas and solutions to our problems from time to time but as adults, we become too prideful or too self-righteous to even consider trying what another adult had to say. But let a humble child be brave enough to speak its mind, well... we could actually learn something.

What about you? Do you listen when the children around you speak? Share your thoughts with us


The thought that children should be seen and not heard,
I find to be totally wrong, and ridiculously absurd.
I mean think of what we could learn,
If we were to just listen to our children's words.

Can you picture what the world could be like?
If their wisdom could end all strife,
Could you imagine what this change could do?
And what it could mean for me and for you?

So tell me again
Why to our children we do not listen?
And that they should be seen and not heard,
Yet they share the wisest of words.

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