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Communication - Art to be Perfected

Every time I think, every time I speak, it is to bridge the Gap between Hearing and Listening and to emerge as a winner in the fine Art of Communication - Nitin Parab

Let us understand what we mean by communication
  • It is how you project yourself to the outside world
  • It begins with you and ends with you

You become the centre of the universe. What you say, how you look, how you behave, how you react - all of these factors come under the scanner. You are observed, and after observations and perceptions, images are created in the minds of people who will then pass their judgment.

They will lift you high or make you come down crashing. They will praise you or will abuse you. Communication, both at the personal level or at the corporate level plays a vital role in the making or breaking of an Image. Today, I shall emphasize on the Personal Communication Factor playing a Significant Role in creating a Leader in the 21st Century. Let us first understand the "Law of Communication".

L - Looks, A - Action, W - Words
Looks are the First Impression before you can even speak. Note that the brain first forms picture or images and then the process of thought follows. In the limbic system or in the small brain which is a reservoir of experience and emotions. Meeting a person is an impression that is etched in the mind forever. They are the impressions casted in stone. Mind you, in the world of Business the Customer has become extremely observant and notices every thing about you in First Glance and creates a visual image in his mind which is difficult to erase. Your first impression remains as the last impression. Therefore, on a personal front invest on Grooming. Money spent on Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories is more of an investment than an expense. They also enhance your image and give you the Good Feel Factor which is the most important factor in the subtle art of communication. Always keep a smiling exterior which prompts the brain that everything is fine. In China you do not open shop if you do not SMILE. It is for these reasons that we have seen a dramatic rise in the purchase of the Laughing Buddha, and see him placed on shelves across organizations and in homes. Smile and the world smiles with you!

Action:- Well, the world is a stage and you are the performer. You have to be the very best to leave a lasting impression. So, let me tell you- you need to enhance your tools to deliver an excellent performance.
1) Your voice: You should cultivate a voice which is clear and loud for people to appreciate.
2) Your Body Gesture: Your body gestures are generally associated with your Hands, Eyes, and sometimes, your Legs if you are standing and communicating. There is a lot of practical science to perfect your body language because after you, your body speaks in silence. When you communicate let your eyes sparkle with enthusiasm. This lightens up your face and creates the spark in interactions. There is warmth created and a feeling generated in the other person. Your eyes receive and give 70% of your feelings and message. Gestures should be relevant. They should be in sync with your verbal delivery.

Words:- Now, match your Actions with Words that flow. Right words said in the right manner at the right occasion leave an Impact. They trigger signals in the minds of others and instantly raise your level of respect. Words should come out clear and crisp with the right pronunciation. Do not make a 'Kichidi' of words of different languages when you are speaking. Keep your presentation short and simple. No Big words or bombastic words to keep which might put off your audience.

Listening is the first step to speaking. You as a communicator must make the effort to understand how people listen. If you do not, you will be broadcasting on the wrong frequency. You may be loud and clear, but what if your audience is not listening. Few people concentrate sufficiently while they are listening. There is a difference between 'to listen' and 'to hear'. People get distracted very easily especially with their own thoughts. The brain can process words at a rate of 500 words per minute, but we speak at a rate of 150 words per minute. Thus, there is a time moment when the brain remains idle, and it is in this time it tends to drift away from the listener. It is for this very reason that many good speakers are excellent performers as well. In communication one gets to be visual.
7% is the speaker's impact with words. 38% of the impact is because of the voice- how well it is modulated, the tone, the pitch etc. 55% of impact is based on the speaker's appearance, his looks, his facial expressions, body gestures, posture etc.

So friends, in your Personal Communication you have to take the effort to cultivate it into an Art.

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Dr. Nitin Parab
Dr. Nitin Parab is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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