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Having a mentor in our journey

Failure doesn't mean that you have fallen. It means that you didn't try to get back. Great minds say that failure is not opposite of success, it is a part of it. Every human being has tasted failure in his/her life. If not, then definitely they haven't tried something new. We read lot of inspiring stories, hear lot of inspiring journeys of successful people and start to think big, dream bigger. But out of these people only few succeed. Why? Because the inspiration they carry lasts for a small time. Inspiration must be refilled regularly. Its like a petrol to a bike. More the fuel, longer the journey. Better the fuel, better the condition of engine.
Motivation is a by product of inspiration. Motivation is internal while inspiration is external. In order to stay motivated, we should have a petrol bunk of inspiration. A mentor is the best source of inspiration. Having a right mentor is like owning a petrol bunk. It's natural that sometimes we feel low, start accepting failures. But that's the exact time to get refilled. But as always, prevention is better cure. In order to succeed faster, we can stay inspired and thus motivated through meeting lots of people, reading lots of books and travelling to lots of places. This helps us to correlate our story with someone who has already been with the same.

Finding the right mentor is also important. Sometimes we end up in chaos while choosing a right mentor. I'm glad that I have discovered many mentors from a global platform i3. It's a path breaking platform for all youngsters who feel they aren't USELESS but USED LESS. In order to discover who you are, what your are supposed be, I'm sure that i3 is the best platform.

i3 has played a major role in my life in uplifting my inner self. When opportunity knocks, don't let fear hold you back. Open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth.

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Prathviraj Shetty H
Prathviraj Shetty H is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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