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i3 - Influence Inspire Impact

Defining i3, I would say "Get Influenced by yourself, Inspire yourself by your acts, and feel the Impact in you".

i3 is a 3D(i3) model of oneself, where upper bound of this graph is "∞" and origin is "0".

Mentors in i3 may not be a topper of their class but they have the potential to create many, they are an outstanding performer of their fields and have potentials and already created many outstanding Young Firing Leadres for this era & working to create many. In a nutshell, "You may not be a good cricketer but Definitely a great Umpire".
i3 - Influence Inspire Impact
We live in an era where everything requires facts, examples to prove, even if its simply "DREAM BIG!!!" & the first step of i3 towards making an outstanding performer is teaching us to DREAM & it's been taught in such a way that it becomes gurumantra for life.

Further i3 teaches every step to come out as an outstanding individual among themselves. Because the biggest competitor of any individual in this world is an individual himself/herself & delegates learn how to beat oneself in every moment of their lives and evolve each and every second.

Destination of success may be different but the path, lessons & qualities required to be on that path always remains the same & i3 shows that path, teaches that lesson and fills oneself with courage and confidence to be on that path once and forever.

A pair of eyes has a scope of 210° but our vision is too narrow, because of which we are not able to see positivity around us. "(eye)3" helps to expand our vision to 360° so that vision expands soo wide that 3D graph rotates and encapsulates Globe itself in it & we start to explore world and make place for us in this world.
The process of evaluating ourself, thought process, the process of evolution gets completely transformed and only gets better than previous, previous moment and  forever.

Thank you i3!

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Anuj Tiwari
Anuj Tiwari is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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