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Magic of Dreaming Big!

Everything you see around was once a fascinating dream of someone. Today most of those dreams have become a necessity, indeed everyday necessity to lead a life.

But how did this journey happen, from just a crazy fascinating dream to everyday necessity? This is something that I shall focus in my article today. And the elegant reason behind this is “THE MAGIC OF DREAMING BIG”.  Dreams play a very important role in every individual's life, no matter how dumb a person is, all have dreams. Take me right, I am taking about the abstract dreams that we see and we envision our life to be led by it, and not those dreams that we see at night when we are asleep. In short I am talking about those dreams that push us out of our comfort zone and still keep us happy and contented in life.
Dreaming Big
“Dreams are personal”, yes they are as long as they are still dreams. Once the dream is into action, it becomes vision and it reaches 'n' number of people and it becomes their dream. So the magic of dreaming big theory tells that, “when once our dream becomes the dream of others to achieve then the dream is growing and it’s taking a shape of vision”, now the dreamer becomes visionary and it’s his turn to make the fellow dreamers of the dream which is in turn a vision now, to help them and pass on the same vision as the founding dreamer-cum-visionary of the project saw, and to make them grow from the level of dreamer to fellow visionary. And thus magic of dreaming big theory tells that the dream now grows at a higher rate than before as there are more number of dreamers and more number of visionaries who are leading the dream, so again the dream is growing bigger and the dreamers and visionaries are also growing and growing and they keep on growing.

The magic of dreaming big proves it all,, that dream shall grow only when it touches 'n' number of individuals and they lead it as it's their dream and in course of journey it becomes a necessity. For example, when Charles Babbage started the era of new modern computers, for that person it was just his dream, he made sure to pass on his dream and today we can see most improved version of those computers and then it was Charles Babbage but now its Apple, Lenovo and all those vision oriented companies who are on to taking this dream more forward and pass on the dream with new visions and strategies. And the beauty is that now these computers have become necessity.

In short the magic of dreaming big theory tells, dreams are those intense factors of life, once you dream it, you have to live it, and you shall live it by converting into action and by helping it reach others. Others shall accept it only if it’s a life changing opportunity to them, so it’s on the side of dreamer to pass on his dream in the best way possible, which shall make others realise its necessity in their life and how that would change the perspective of their life. And thus shall go on to become vision and the leaders leading the vision become visionaries of the coming future. Dreams must be felt with such intensity that, it must have power to bring a positive change in mind-set of people and people must believe so much in the dream, that is, the gravity of the dream must be such intense that though the founding dreamer and visionary might not live in coming future but his dream must always help build more dreams and more visionaries and must create a history every day. Though people might not remember the founding dreamer and visionary, but people words must eco the dream that he had seen, lived and must live forever!
Dreams must be that, that can bring a change, and, when such dreams reach people and they start acting and dream more big about the dream then that strong force of attraction conspires the universe and shall drive all positive energy towards it!

We anyway Dream, why not DREAM BIG!

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Jeevitha DM
Jeevitha DM is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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