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Real Heroes

We all enjoy, we get almost all the things we expect. We celebrate our birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, New Years and many more occasions with our friends, family, and neighbours, sometimes with strangers too. Amidst this celebration, do we remember these real heroes?
Real Heroes
We take care of ourselves even if it rains a little. We apply sun screen when weather is even slighlty sunny. We take all the necessary items with us to be comfortable with weather. Have you guys thought about these guys who don’t have any necessary things like us to take care of themselves.

If some small injury happens, if little bit fever comes we rush towards to the doctors. Have you ever thought about these guys who do their duty even though if their health is not supporting.

If we have holidays, we enjoy trips with our family and friends and we take as much rest as we want. We get holidays at least weekly once or 15 days once to spend time the way we want. Have you ever thought about these guys who get holidays only once in a year?

We feel tired if we use our physic to carry some heavy stuff. We take help of someone to lift the fuel or gas cylinder which comes to our home. We don’t like to walk on roads which are dirty. Have you ever thought about these guys who always carry heavy items with them and who climb mountains and who swim in the heavy rivers and always fight for our lives - who always pledge their lives for our safety, who always sacrifice all their happiness for us?
I hope you understood whom I am talking about. It is none other than our SOLDIERS. Soldiers are real heroes in my life. Because normal citizens can’t reach the level of their sacrifices for us. If you guys are not remembering them every day, please do that from now. Because if we are sleeping without any attacks from enemies, it is just because of them. Do respect them as much as we respect our parents.

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Sunil Kumar G
Sunil Kumar G is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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