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The Graduation Day at i3 - The most recommended platform for the Youth!

It was a Sunday, 2nd August 2015. If only one had entered into the reputed place called Hotel Confident Propus in Langford Town, one would have witnessed a traditional festival atmosphere.

Yes, it was the last conference or rather called the GRADUATION DAY of i3.
The Graduation Day at i3
The best part was that all the delegates of i3 season 3 of Bangalore and delegates of i3 season 1 of Hyderabad and Mumbai had come together under the same roof giving a different and unique definition to friendship on friendship day, “Friendship is not about always being together, hanging out with friends and enjoying but it is about standing for each other when in need and being ready to die for each other" which all the delegates felt deep inside their heart though it was the first time we all were together.

The celebration started with a beautiful band music and followed by few delegates sharing their terrific journey in i3.Then came the core part of the celebration - distribution of the certificates.

Those who achieved the level of a 'Dreamer' were lucky enough to receive their certificates from the Counselors of i3 - Mr. Chetan Yallapurkar sir and Mrs. Shruti Balasa Ma'am. The mentors Ms. Kavyashree ma'am, Ms. Jeevitha DM ma'am and Mr. Prashanth sir continued to give the certificates to the ones who have achieved the further levels. The True IUITEs (i.e., the best Performers of the Season) were privileged to receive their certificates from the Founder of i3, the Globally renowned Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Business Coach - Mr. Sujit Lalwani sir himself.
Overall it was a sight of feast to see the fruits of 3 and half months of hard work done by the delegates, mentors and counselors. To be honest, when it’s a Graduation Day of the College, generally we aren’t happy about it, rather regret for the investment of those years, but it was not the same here! i3 believes that we don’t need 3-4 years to complete our graduation, 3 months of right education is more than sufficient to be graduated. As it is rightly put across by my fellow delegate in i3 - Mr. Basavaraj - “Education is not the certificate or the Degree to be shown to anyone, it is the Language of your body and Attitudes of your Mind that you carry!”  and that’s why it’s the satisfaction that reflects on the faces of all the delegates of i3.

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