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Value the Experience! - A realization from i3!

In today’s scenario, Youth like us are confused and perplexed with many questions in our mind. One of the most pressing questions are - Are our Opinions right or the Opinions of our Parents and Elders? Why should we respect our Elders? Why should we listen to their words when we know that we are more exposed? Why should we not talk back or argue with them? That especially happens when we strongly feel we are right and what our elders believe is wrong.

The fact is that, the elders have more experiences and would have faced more difficulties than what we can even imagine, so when they find their children taking path that might consist of hurdles they try to stop them. They are just conservative about our lives.

When they are not obliged they impose their decisions. It causes lots of turbulence in the relationships. Only when the results of the decisions are experienced, we know whose decision was right.

Elders pamper us when we are kids and they become strict with the increase in our age and they always enquire about our whereabouts. Though all this brings the feeling of not having freedom, it is good to follow elders’ advises. Imagine if there were no elders who would scold you when you do wrong, how will we get to know if it is wrong or right?
It’s said that experience will teach you everything and henceforth we need to respect and value the experience our elders already have, not be bothered by trivial things. Accept their advice and take wise decisions.

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Anusha Desai
Anusha Desai is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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