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The 20 hour obsession window!

Obsessions are more often than not taken to be harmful, considering the intensity of the attachment to the object in question- which might be for all you know the latest phone you have, or a song you heard, or an idea you got! Here's attempting to get something out of an obsession that would otherwise only harm you, read on!
The other day, I watched a TED talk that kept appearing on the "You might also like" list below the talks I generally watch. It was one by Simon Sinek, and was called "How great leaders inspire action."

It caught my eye because if you come down to the grassroot level, that's PRECISELY what ALL great leaders are able to do. They are able to inspire ACTION. Not just inspire great thoughts or set great intentions, but inspire MASSES to ACT right, and get the work going. This title was BANG ON target, and I loved Simon Sinek's speech. It resonated strongly with me, and gave a lot of useful inputs anyone can use in daily life.
I loved it. So, I looked up some more talks of him, and watched some more. I even told a friend of mine who loves TED talks to check out Simon Sinek's talks. Hours later when my friend pinged me asking what I was upto, I was still watching yet another talk of Simon Sinek!

So the aforementioned friend goes, "You're obsessed!"
I told him I loved the content, to which he said, "Okay. Have fun. It'll last twenty hours."

Honestly, I was outraged. I was going to remember these talks for probably the rest of my life, and here my friend was, passing it off as a "20 hour obsession" thing.

"NO way I'm going to get rid of this obsession in twenty hours", I retorted. And I also wondered in my head about why it was twenty hours and not forty, or for that matter, ten. He then explained about the twenty hour period which everybody has to convert an idea one is obsessed with to ACTION. That caught my attention.

I searched on Google about this twenty hour obsession thing and found no evidence for or against it, so it may or may not be true. However, recall the last time you got a FANTASTIC idea which you were sure would blow out everybody's brains. Did the idea feel just as awesome twenty (or twenty four) hours later? Of course not, UNLESS you had already ACTED on it!
Whether or not the twenty hour window holds any truth to it, it is something you can definitely use to capitalize on your new billion dollar idea. I'm not saying all of your ideas will work out, but you will get an idea of where it is going only if you begin to ACT on it. And action could just mean putting the idea on paper with as much detail as you can at the moment, so that you can work on more details later, it could mean getting that appointment with a mentor who could help you out, it could mean getting books or surfing the net for more information on the related idea, you get the drift

So the next time you get one of those ideas you believe can change the world, just remember to ACT on it within twenty hours, and believe me, you won't regret it one bit!

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Sandhya Nagaraj
Sandhya Nagaraj is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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