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When a Tradition is a Devotion and the World is the Admirer

Globalization is creating havoc for many people. Some are wondering about what will be the impact of globalization. Some are not sure about the future of our lives. How do we prepare our youth for tomorrow? Some are doing advanced studies and even doctoral researches on the impact of globalization so that they may be able to prepare themselves for the impact of globalization. However, there are some, who are least affected by all these talks and are busy in their age old principle of “Work is Worship” and devote themselves heart and soul to their work. They have actually been benefitted from this globalization – even though they didn’t do any studies on globalization.
Bikaner Miniaturists
How much space do you need for accommodating 20 wild animals and 20 aquatic animals 1220 different leaves, 30 different birds and 70 different flowers along with rivers, forests and wild life scenery? Bikaner miniaturists - (this is a firm which deals in preparing miniature painting and Mr. Shiv Kumar Swami and Mr. Vishnu Kumar Swami have been painting traditional miniature paintings in this firm) has prepared a miniature painting of 3.5 cm x 5 cm to accommodate all these in JUST ONE  painting.  This may be the world’s smallest miniature painting with so much rich details and rich collection of wild life. Lovingly they have titled it as “WILDLIFE SEMINAR”. They have prepared this painting with bare eyes, but you may have to use microscopic lenses to see the details.

You may consider it an exception, but this is what these artists do in their day to day life. I visited Mr. Vishnu Swami, who is an artist and requested him for a demo. In just 2 minutes he drew a painting on nail, which contains an elephant, a tree and two girls and to see all these I had to use microscopic lenses (which Vishnu Swami prepared without any spectacles or aids).

When everyone was talking about career, Vishnu chose the traditions of his family and followed his elder brother Mr Shiv Kumar Swami. Over last 12 years, Mr. Vishnu has continued his worship of the art of traditional painting and he has received accolades from the world over. His paintings are loved all over Europe and Canada and he is often invited in France to train students in the traditional art of Indian painting. His amazing devotion to the traditions has brought laurels for the age old art. I have written a small poem to offer my salutations to the artist. 

What can traditions do for us?
Understand them first
What can we do in future?
Devote to some purpose first
What will happen tomorrow?
Live the present first.
What will happen due to globalization?
Give your best first.
How will my business survive?
Stick to the core of your work.
Who will help for survival of traditions?
Let’s strengthen our commitment to our traditions.
At the tender age of 12 when other students were pursuing engineering, medicine and other careers, Vishnu was devoting to the age old traditional miniature painting. He was doing it with love, devotion and dedication. What started as a hobby converted into a vocation. Over the last 12 years, Mr. Vishnu Kumar Swami has prepared over 200 paintings, each a master-craft in itself. He is just 28 years now and with his continued committment to the traditional art, he would definitely contribute substantially to this art because he is happy with what he is doing and would continue doing this unaffected from the current hue and cry. If you can spare your time to see artists like these, you will give only one message to the world  - ‘just concentrate on what you can do the best for this world and wait for the world to respond to you’.

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Trilok Kumar Jain
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