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A Blessing In Disguise

When road was drifted down into the ground,
Fears had occupied from every bound,
Sounds were unclear as to where to resound!
There came a blessing in disguise to surround.

Buried was I in the crust of earth,
Uplift from there was a new birth,
Ashes of failure were turned to experiences worth,
When blessing in disguise came to my hut.
Eyes were filled with dreams of mine,
Tears were the shape that it took in time line,
Blessing in disguise, made them shine,
As it converted tears to pearls of fine,

A right path towards my dream was my need,
And a person as my teacher to lead,
Blessing in disguise fetch this dream of seed,
As it blessed and gift me a MENTOR in deed.

“If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn’t need motivation to speed up. What one needs is education to turn them around”- JIM ROHN, this statement proves very true in my life and the above poem is the true narration to the incident happened in my life, and there I got a person in disguise, who turned out to be a mentor in my life. This filled in new enthusiasm to my life, and gave a right direction to lead my life! So today I dedicate this poem to my mentor Mr Bharath GC sir, this person plays a very important role for whatever I am today.

“Just look around there shall be a blessing which is in disguise in your life as well”

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