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A Poetical Tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam

Born impoverished,
But an affluent or rich in wisdom,
He always had a lofty vision and mission.

Born in a teeny-weeny village,
But generous in heart,
All becomes afflicted
When such people depart.

Rejected or rebuffed by the Air Force,
But headed the three forces
He gave India - nuclear power, help and resources
APJ Abdul Kalam
Padma bhusan, Padma Sri,
Bharat Ratna, People's President
A scientist, a writer,
But above all a teacher
He guided many youths
As a motivational speaker.

Made his signature into autograph
He is an ideal for many and
Many keep in the wallet or
on the walls his photograph

He dreamed, dreamed
And dreamed
Till he made it true
As he said,' you have to dream
Before your dreams can come true'.

He played a true role of hero,
Always remained,
Fully focused on the goal as an arrow.

He wanted to fly the air force aircraft
when he was young,
But when he died,
Indian air force aircraft flew his corpse
To Delhi from Shillong,

He sacrificed his whole life
For the country,
And became not only a golden chapter
In the history,
But an immortal.

People will sing his victory forever,
This is what I am doing
Through this poem.
This is what my endeavor here,
Singing his Glory,
Singing his victory.

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