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Flash Back!

It was a day, when I was completely abrupted,
Having sudden change in my life.
It was something happened which I was feeling inside.

I saw into the mirror, a glow on my face,
How I was charismatic and was happy in that phase.
A feeling of joy, peace into the air,
It was magic of love spread every where.

Today I get nostalgic and reminding old days,
Living all such moments back, which I have passionately saved.

Wish those memories come back and around,
As someone has become my life, whom every where I found.

I wish that I could get the flash back of that part of my life,
So that I could complete the story heard inside.

I say,
Come with me taking hand in hand into the memories,
Surely I will colour our incomplete black and white story!

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Hira Khan
Hira khan is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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