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A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.


Foot prints on the sands of time

Prize and possession got in past;
Success that hooked the cast;
Fruits of achievements do not last,
As our life garlands the time fast!

Building turns to ruins in times play;
Black hair turns to grey,
Time withers away everything,
Keeping itself, prominent and everlasting in Sway!
Foot prints on the sands of time
Change is the only perennial,
And that is something more than real;
Life and death comes in this sphere,
Paving way to people immemorial …

Few people go out of this times sway,
And, create something magical in the way;
Embarking the synonym of humanity,
And they make their way towards eternity.

What they cast is a positive spell,
Times change, fragrance of their dreams still smell,
As, Foot prints on the stands of time tell,
That they lived a life, that’s immortal.

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