Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.



All the hates, All the glory
Burning the people alive
Cataclysmic are the changes
Dragons of distrust fo fly
Every saint has a past, Every sinner a future
For every Hero a Villain in the story
Gracious are the ones who get help
Hungry souls can't help but yell
Illiterates roam like monks do
Jaundiced are the people with pure heart
Kaleidoscopic is our world
Love is shown by a handful few
Moaning troubles can't be set apart
Noticiable truths have cracks within

Opening the walls, prejudice comes in
Pythons with furs of thorns take us to oblivion
Quills as soft as daggers on and on
Rage and occult illuminates our paths
Seeping is the blood along the distance
Tens and thousands lay bare with no assistance

Undoing the wrongs is impossible
Voracious are the appeal to remove the Shackles
Wake up
X'mas your hands for they have things to do
Yonder awaits, open the windows
Zest your heart, for Soul has another Zillion miles To Go

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