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Tribute To MY DAD

There ain’t anyone who can ever take your place,
there is glory in your talk & a contagious charm on your face..

Your care is infinite & love is a little more,
to your ocean of love, we are the ever-fortunate  shore..

Your wave of love always hits us,
we get just enough that we wait for another;
we stand there always, longing for a tsunami,
we stand stagnant, & don't need to walk any further..

You always know what’s right & what’s wrong,
where to kept it short & where to take it long..
Tribute To MY DAD
From things at home to big business deals,
you just know it all, & so proud that feels..

From desires to chocolates, from decisions to cinemas,
you are the answer to all our longings & dilemmas..

You work day in & day out,
take all frowns and every single shout

To bring us up, you bring together every single pie,
you face it all & each time nail the bull’s eye..

You give up your interests to love what we love,
you give up on your priorities to live what we live..

We are your priority and you always stand up for the family,
irrespective of what we give back, you just accept & call it destiny..

You are brave, kind, noble, intellectual and courageous,
to reward us with a rewarding life, you do things that are outrageous..

When people ask us what would you leave behind,
ATTITUDE is our answer, that too one of its kind..

To live by it and live up to it,
is the only way we can do our bit..

We were silenced by your love & presence,
We are silenced yet again in pain of your absence..

When you lived, this composition in our mind we always had,
when you have left, this is the tribute to our ever loving DAD..

This is the tribute to you my ever inspiring  DAD..

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