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Dignify your Womanhood

It is a known fact that the society is pushing women into the mold of being perfect, sexy, hard, gossips, wicked and many other things but one thing a woman must not fail to be is - real. A woman can be successful in life by maintaining her true identity. One thing women must learn to do in this day and age is to be themselves. The news media daily messes up the psych of women by showing them images of women that have been photoshoped or made up and this causes some women to begin to dislike their natural selves and start wishing to be like what they saw on screen.
Dignify your Womanhood
Many women are passing through trauma, adversity and challenges. They are seeking answers and solutions to the problems they are facing. Most of these women have survived traumas and different kinds of violence but survival is not enough because you were not created to just survive nor succeed but to be significant.

Appreciate yourself. If you are dark be proud of it and do not go bleaching your skin. If you are short be ok with it. If you are big, rejoice in it. What makes you great as a woman is not physical beauty but inner beauty for inner beauty is eternal while physical beauty is ephemeral.

A strong relationship with oneself is a necessary precursor to every other relationship in life. Happiness comes from within; you can't get it from relationships, certificates or wealth. The woman that doesn't love herself becomes so angry, hungry and confused about love that she rushes into love blinded and poorly prepared. I have good news for women: there are mature men that understand you and what you are passing through and they desire to help you weather the storms. You have a life make a success of it. Note: as a woman, you have what it takes to make the world better. Your womanhood is the power that changes the world, use it positively! Connect with Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha via Facebook or Twitter

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Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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