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Inventicon's Learning & Development Leadership Summit 2016

Equipping the Indian Learning and development domain with innovation, strategy and technology for workplace needs of the 21st century.
Inventicon’s Learning & Development Leadership Summit 2016 brings together L&D professionals across various industries to share and showcase how to further enhance the L&D function. Looking at techniques, methodologies and also exploring how technology can help the L&D function in being the game changer.
Inventicon's Learning & Development Leadership Summit 2016
Knowledge in today’s competitive corporate world adds the competitive edge to organizations.Organizations are instilling a trait of constant learning amongst their employees. Knowledge no longer exists just in schools and colleges, it has entered into board rooms and is constantly evolving into a force catapulting organizations into the 21st century, with the ability and agility to be able to steer their business towards more profitable horizons. The learning and development function, in the past few decades has grown from a dormant function to a very active force with contributions not just at an individual level but on an organizational level.Enabling this function is the key to moving forward. But the real question is ‘how’? Inventicon’s Learning & Development Leadership Summit aims to highlight what is the key requisites of building a strong L&D function, one that is agile, competitive, flexible and one that can brake barriers and build bridges, strengthening the organization from within. Additional Information Available on the Web

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