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5 Things You Should Carry For A Perfect Yoga Day

Going for fitness exercises becomes more exciting when you make yourself ready for it with the the right equipments. These equipments are surely not compulsory to perform yoga but such basic items can bring more comfort to your rejuvenating yoga sessions.

Here is a list of a few essentials that you should carry for your yoga classes.

1. Personal Yoga Mat

Although, your yoga studio might have clean and washed yoga mats but taking your own mat to the yoga practice area is always a good idea. It makes you feel more comfortable compared to a mat which is shared by many people at the centres.

Having your own mat will also enable you to use it as and when you need to. You can practise the newly learned yoga steps at home or a your friend’s place.

While buying you own yoga mat, keep the following things in mind.

  • Consider buying eco-friendly material for your yoga mat.
  • Make sure that the yoga mat is long enough for you. Mats of extra length are typically 72 to 84 inches long.
  • Your yoga mat should be thick so that you don’t hurt yourself while performing vigorous practices like Ashtanga or power yoga.
  • The texture of your yoga mat has a lot to do with your comfort. It should not be sticky or should not be too hard. The texture of the mat should allow smooth hand and body movements.
Things You Should Carry For A Perfect Yoga Day
2. Personal Towel

As certain yoga practice exert your body, you will end up sweating after the sessions. Although it is good to sweat for a healthy body but you need to carry a towel with you to wipe it off. A medium sized towel can serve the purpose well. Make sure that you wash the towel regularly to avoid germs and other infections.

3. Water Bottle

Since you are working out and sweating, it is important to take extra care of your body’s hydration. Even if you are not sweating much or performing relaxing and simple yoga steps, staying hydrated is paramount for your body.

Get you personal water bottle with a good water capacity and drink it in regular intervals. Getting your own bottle will help you save money from buying bottled water each day. Also, when you have a water bottle within close reach, you keep drinking which is good for the body.

Carry insulated bottles for hot yoga classes. This will keep the temperature normal.

4. Get the right clothes

The worst you can do to yourself at the yoga classes is to wear wrong clothes. Yoga is all about relaxing, stretching and getting energized. And if your clothes keep bothering you, the efforts that you have put in the sessions comes out to be a waste.

Get comfortable clothes which give you a breathing space. Don’t ever go for tight fitted denims or uncomfortable trousers. Also, Don’t wear too loose or revealing clothes.

Instead, you should go for clothes that allow flexibility and air. Fitness clothes usually work the best for yoga sessions. The design of such clothes allow full body movements and thus, these are best preferred. 5. Carry Your confidence

It is natural to be stressed and afraid in the first few sessions. But all you need to do is to take a deep breath and relax. It is going to be fine soon. Once you experience the fun and rejuvenating spirits of yoga, such a stress and fearfulness might not be even a consideration.

So move to shopping and get ready with these essentials in your yoga bag. You are soon to be mesmerised by the yoga experience.

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