Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.


Covert Warrior

Incredibly flimsy and ridiculously tippy
More so like a treacherous house of cards
Her heart falls apart as if meant to be
But never is she jaded of the sprees
Covert Warrior
Often reaching out for the unattainable
Bending but not breaking the rules of order
Deceivingly unsophisticated her ways
For her delight is insidious and wild

Unwary of where her vigor will take her
But certain about the rejoice and highs
Would it not be a shame to play juggle?
Between the regrets, rues and fears

It's the little things that entice her
And it is hope that is big in her heart
She might stumble and fall off guard
But she would do it all over again
And she would do it all in a heartbeat

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