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I was expected to be one of the girls out there...

I was expected to be one of the girls out there.
I was expected to be pretty and well dressed.
For most of the things I was compressed.
You thought I will manage to make a window
Window in one of walls that the society built around me
You know just to ensure enough air reaches my lungs
But I am sorry I managed to break all those walls
I kiss every ounce of air and it hugs me back
My eyes don't shine for you because I don't wear those glitters
But they shine for me when I look into the mirrors
My eyes glint with passion and dreams and love
Love in shades to which you are blind

Well I have nothing to hide
So why should I confine
Why should I cover my face with a scarf
When the sun shines bright
After all I love the heat
I love the heat between my heart and my mind

My mind feels and my heart thinks sometimes
I am not a picture you can stare or an art you can adore
Good looks is something my body doesn't hold
Wait. My body is not even in shape
That's what they say
But I feel the depths of thoughts I have

And the intensity of feelings and emotions I breathe in
My body is too small for all of that
If you will see my hands alone
You won't believe they belong to a girl
The roads drawn on them were not well planned
But then I decided to change the entire map

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Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
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