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Different types of relationships you could experience in life

When you enter in a love relationship, you find everything perfect and unable to predict what kind of relationship you are into, But by the time, you start understanding what kind of personality you have and you lover has, the differences in both personalities, different expectations, different thought process, which ultimately form and describe a type of relationship.

If you are not happy with the type of relationship you are into, you must communicate with your partner. It can help better the compatibility between the two and help you both understand each other. Now let’s have an insight into the various types of relationship people go through in life.

Toxic Relationships: Toxic relations are considered to be those relationships which seem to be perfect and pleasant outside, but are not very contented inside. Too much frustration, annoyance the two partners feel towards each other without knowing the strong reason. This usually happens when the two have something worst stored in their mind, and moved on without clearing it out. And it comes out whenever any smaller issue occurs. Hence, here the partners need to sit and resolve their past experiences to avoid further dilemmas.
Different types of relationships
The Codependent Relationship: This type of relationship is okay to an extent. But completely getting dependent on your partner for making decisions in life can bring frustration. However, independent thoughts, decisions, abilities help to go through even major dilemmas occur in life.

Controlling Relationship: A controlling relationship is where a partner plays a dominant role, whereas the other partner simply follows the rules. The other partner would not realize being dominated for a longer period of time, until frustration or feeling of helplessness begins taking place. Hence, it needs to be eliminated as a relationship only works when both the partners can freely state their thoughts and respect each other’s’ freedom.

The Pastime Fling: The pastime fling is where the two partners have not made any future plans or commitments but live the present with complete compassion and love. Usually, it happens when both the partners are convinced that the relationship won’t last forever but currently are in emotional bondage and unable to be apart. Here again, the partners need to discuss and seek for right guidance.

Long Distance Relationship: Long distance relationship is when the two are emotionally connected with each other but live in two different area codes. Long distance relationship lasts with great emotional bond, understanding, and trust. The two partners here must understand each other’s reason to live apart and respect the level of trust towards each other.

The Negotiation Relationship: Both the partners are happy in the relationship but the relationship is going through lots of compromises and sacrifices to keep the other partner happy. The partners in this kind of relationship just need to eliminate expectance and bring in acceptance to let each other live freely in the relationship.

The Distracted Relationship: This kind of relationship has been encountered by many couples when both the partners are truly in love but are not able to steal time for each other as they’re too focused on their careers. Here, both the partners need to respect each other’s passion for their desires but need to steal some time to show love and gratitude to each other as well.

The Unhappy Relationship: This is the relationship when you are not happy in a relationship but still sticking to it, for society, for kids or for any emotional bondage. Here, the partners should either get apart or look for ways to bring harmony in their relationship.

The Imperfect Relationship: The imperfect relationship is when both the partners know that they are imperfect and have accepted each other with that imperfection. The kind of relationship is good, as acceptance is requisite for any relationship but both the partners must keep trying to let each other improve their personalities with love and compassionate healthy talks or discussions. The Insecure Relationship: This relationship is one of the most difficult relationships when your partner feels insecure when you talk to some person of opposite sex or even with friends. Here, both the partners need to respect each other’s freedom and build a strong foundation of trust.  

A Completely Compatible Relationship: This kind of relationship is hardest to find nowadays, but any type of relationship can become compatible by eliminating the negative traits of the relationship and bringing harmony, trust, and love in. The compatible relationship is when both the partners accept and understand each other completely and stand for each other.

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