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Green marketing in India

Technology has shown a drastic impact on the environment and no doubt, it is increasing with every passing year and causing irreparable damage to the earth. Today in the era of advanced technology and fast moving life, where people do not even have enough time and space for themselves, the degree of concern for environmental issues are really disappointing.

The matter of concern is that though the advancement in the technology has made our life easier and comfortable, but on the other hand, it has shown a drastic detrimental impact on the environment. So for the purpose of diminishing this life-threatening impact, government and many communities are focusing on such practices that can prevent the future hazards. One of such practice is “Green Marketing”.
Green marketing in India
While being responsible some of the business has shown their keen interest to accept the concept of environmental management and waste minimization. Basically, Green Marketing is a business practice that takes into account customer concern, about promoting preservation and conservation of the natural environment. To implicate green marketing business firm are focused on reducing waste and chemicals, increased energy efficiency of their product.

While practicing Green marketing, business firms are not only concentrated on promoting the products which are environmentally safe but, also they have incorporated changes in the production process, advertisement and packaging. So fundamentally the business firm focuses on optimally utilizing the available resources while accomplishing the organizational goal and customer satisfaction.

Trends in green marketing
- This is keeping in mind with the philosophy of sustainable development and CSR so as to build rapport, brand image and thus participating to safeguard the environment.
- Organizations believe that they create a value, being more socially and environmentally responsible as a marketing tool.
- Promoting the products that are environmentally safe brings a competitive advantage to the firms and people are likely to purchase the products that are not harmful. Engaging in such sustainable activities needs to bring some changes like
- Reduction in the production of harmful products
- Modification in the consumption rate of harmful products by consumers and industries.
- Bending towards the technology that can reduce waste and sell it as an input to other firms.

Problem in implication
- Initial cost is high
- Lack of standardization.
- Green washing and green sheen.
- Require high investment in technology and R & D.
- Majority are unaware of green and “Eco Mark” products
- People are price sensitive.

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