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Going on an Adventurous Vacation on a Budget

Surprisingly it is often more expensive to rough it out on a vacation than vacation in a good tourist spot with a star hotel booked for the entirety of the vacation. Going on an adventure vacation is not necessarily expensive. With research you can always find cheaper alternatives. And you should, for that adds to the adventure. Check out how.
Anyone can splurge and travel down the most-taken path, but not all of us take the less traveled route. So let’s see how you can get the adrenaline pumping for less.
Adventurous Vacation on a Budget
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Skydiving on a Budget

This is one of the first adventure related activities for people who have been just bitten by the adventure travel bug. It sounds scary but is exhilarating. Think of jumping from the plane, as pulling a Band-Aid, you just have to do it fast and not think about it too much.

And trust me no matter how much you read about it, you can never truly grasp what it feels like to skydive till you do it.

One of the most budget friendly places to skydive is surprisingly Italy. Two birds with one stone essentially. You can walk on the famous cobbled streets and take in the sights, sounds and the amazing aromas of food wafting all around. And when you’ve done sightseeing to your heart’s content, you have the option of skydiving for an average price of USD 225. There is quite a lot of competition in Italy so you can easily find a safe and reputable skydiving operator at a good rate. However, as with all places there are always a few operators who do not adhere to all of the safety standards, so vet your chosen operator carefully. Read reviews and see how long have they been operating.

A budget skydiving location off the beaten track is Namibia. You can experience a breathtaking view over Africa. Seeing the beautiful desert from the sky is an amazing experience, words cannot describe it. And it starts from as low as USD 230 for a jump from 6,000 ft.

If a desert is not your scene and you prefer green views, oceans or a beautiful sea then you head to Hawaii. Everyone who has ever been hit with wanderlust knows about the exotic beauty of Hawaii. The average price of a jump in Hawaii starts from USD 175, a small price to pay for the magnificent beauty you get to see.

A road trip on a budget

If wanderlust has hit you with its full brunt and you want to wander from one coast to another (think USA), or traverse an entire continent (imagine a Euro-trip), are fine with living on the frugal side plus have a very thin budget then a road-trip is perfect for you.

Locations and vehicle are the two most important items you have to decide when keeping the trip budget friendly. Ensure that the country or countries you choose have cheap petrol or diesel available. The second part, choosing the right vehicle is a bit trickier. Now many people think that the best option is to go for a fuel friendly hatch back like Nissan Leaf or choose a hybrid like Toyota Prius to keep fuel costs low. While that seems like a good idea, vehicles like these may push up your costs and limit the places you can visit. And how will they push up your costs? Many people in order to keep cost low and to experience the “wild” side often sleep in their car only. Plus if you venture off-road, chances are you might have no option but to sleep in your car or brave the cold in a tent.
So, a tiny car will make it almost necessary for you to check into hotels at night and also limit the routes you can take. But if you choose a 4x4 truck, not only do you get loads of space but also the capability to ditch the road and literally go to the wild side. Now you can either rent a 4x4 or buy one. If you are renting one you should obviously calculate the total cost you would accrue and see if it does not go over the loss you would incur by buying a used car and selling it at the end of trip. Additionally you might want to check out this article for some basic tips on selling your car.

Many people will tell you that you can get a good 4x4 for as low as USD 9,000/-. This is true but you should not buy the cheapest option out there. The cheaper and older the car is, you are more likely to spend greater amounts on fuel and repairs. Choose a 5 year old truck or even a more recent model,one that hasn’t been used for commercial purposes (so you do not end with a vehicle that has been used a lot). 

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