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4 Top Vacation Spots on the Southern Atlantic Coast

There are plenty of vacation destinations planted up and down both coasts of the U.S., but few that embody Southern elegance and beauty quite like those on the Southern Atlantic coast. Find out here.
Of course, everybody goes to Florida for their wonderful sands, but there are also hidden gems nestled along coastlines of Virginia and the Carolinas as well.

Virginia Beach, VA

Named one of the top 10 boardwalks in the US by National Geographic, the three mile oceanfront boardwalk in Virginia Beach is a big draw for couples looking for an exciting and scenic nightlife. Among the sights and sounds, you can expect to find four stages for live music peppered along the boardwalk and a massive twenty-four foot statue of Neptune.
Top Vacation Spots on the Southern Atlantic Coast
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For those seeking a vibrant nightlife, but still want to admire lovely beachside scenery, this boardwalk is a perfect fit. There are a wide range of things to do.

Unique things to do:

  • Rollerblade or bike with your family down the massive boardwalk.
  • Enjoy local food from around the area with the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and Beyond Food Tour.
  • Get scared out of your mind at Nightmare Mansion: a haunted house designed for adults.

Corolla, NC

Corolla is a peaceful, upscale town of only 500 residents. Since the main source of income for the township is tourism, the population can easily double or triple during the summer. It is important to book your stay far in advance. For cheaper rates and greater availability of hotel reservations, check out Corolla outside of the peak vacation months.

This is a great destination for those seeking quiet relaxation and beautiful scenery. Several unique activities are available for tourists to check out, and nearly all emphasize exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Unique things to do:

  • An unusual perk of touring in Corolla is that there are no super stores and major shopping malls. The local culture shines through a shopping scene consisting exclusively of local businesses.
  • Fishing is a popular activity in Corolla; consider making a day of off-shore fishing.
  • See wild horses in the area by taking a “wild horse safari”. Several businesses in the area offer this service.
Top Vacation Spots on the Southern Atlantic Coast
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Myrtle Beach, SC

If you want to unwind, there are few places better to do so than Myrtle Beach. It was named the “drunkest beach town in America” for a reason. This man-made island has been a key tourist destination in America for years, drawing in millions of visitors every year.

On a serious note, if you’re going to be partying in Myrtle Beach, make sure you call a cab if you’ll be drinking; even first time offenders can receive up to 90 days in jail for a DUI in SC. Here are some inventive ways to spend your time in Myrtle Beach — responsibly, of course.
Top Vacation Spots on the Southern Atlantic Coast
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3 unique things you can do:

  • Hover up to 55 feet in the air with a water jetpack or flyboard. Some businesses in the area offer rentals and training.
  • Go camping! While most people don’t associate going to the beach with camping, some camp sites in the area offer camping locations literally a stone’s throw away from the ocean.
  • Take a tour. A tour guided by a horse-drawn carriage is an intimate way to learn this historic city.

Miami, Florida

If you are looking for a more energetic vacation spot, you could be electrified by Miami. Whether your desire is to play in the sun or rave all night, this city has you covered. Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America”, the city is home to some prettiest ocean views and trendiest nightlife spots in the world.

Though the crowds can be hectic during the summer, this upscale, high-tech city has a variety of exciting things to do.
Top Vacation Spots on the Southern Atlantic Coast
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Unique things to do:

  • Party at some of the biggest and most renowned clubs in the world.
  • Discover artwork from over 70 private collections, galleries, and museums at the Wynwood Art District. A wide range of artists and styles are on display here.
  • When booking your hotel reservation, try mixing things up. If you are looking for an exciting change of pace, consider booking a room at a local fantasy-themed hotel.

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