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Inspiring Ways to Make Money Investing in Number Plates in UK

Vanity plates can be means to quality living and lifestyle is something most wouldn't believe. But, here's a piece that would help you understand how you could make the most of this trend and make some quick bucks by investing in this domain. Read ON!
Also known as vanity plates, this trend is quite catchy in UK. What’s even more surprising is the fact that it is constant – after all, the DVLA in UK gave vehicle owners a green light for dvla personalised plates over 15 years ago. Now, given the fact that people Investing In Number Plates in UK are still invested in this trend it means that there is a solid market you can use to get some extra income.

Even more, according to the numbers circulated by the DVLA, you have the possibility to make a living out of investing in number plates. At a quick browse, you’ll see lots of resemblances between the stocks and shares market and the private number plates market as prices go up and down according to the season, economy, and more. However, with plates, some combinations go only up. A good example is the 14H plate that sold for a whopping £11,400 pounds while its companion, 12H, sold for only £4,000 in 1998.

So, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to invest in private number plates, the answer is definitely yes. But, just like with shares and stocks, you have to know how to make smart investments. And for this, we have a few pointers below.

Understand the Market
It’s important to know the main reasons why people buy personalized plates so you’ll know which combinations will grow in value once you purchase them. Of course, some are extremely obvious (like 1GB, for instance), but these were the first ones to go so they’re not available anymore.

The main reason people buy vanity plates is, well, vanity. They want to stand out from the crowd, show they are special and worthy of everyone else’s attention. And, one of the best ways to show this with a personalized plate is by using your name or nickname. Now, the plate can be a gift from family/ friends or it can simply be a spur of the moment purchase, but names on vanity plates are the first ones to sell.

So, in order to get the most out of your investment, you should find out which are the most popular names in the UK and buy the combinations that come closest. This way, when a possible buyer shows up, you can negotiate.

There is also the possibility to get more money out of plates with rare names, but this is a bigger risk as well. After all, you may get stuck with the plate as the people wearing the names may not ever be interested in such a purchase.

Another reason why people invest in personalized plates is brand awareness (personal or business). Here you have a bit more space for combinations as business and brand names are a bit more permissive. But the list of reasons doesn’t stop here, and you can certainly learn a lot more by doing a bit of research on vanity plates business.
Have you had experiences with your friends, family or colleagues who have bought number plates at jaw-dropping prices? Share them with us here in comments below. There might interesting conversaitons due here.

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