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14 Questions Ever Growing Leaders Are Reflecting Upon

The fact that you're reading this piece means you want to take full control on what the year 2020 can mean for you and your goals. It shows you are committed to your growth and ready to tune in to the higher possibilities and unleash your full potential. Read ON! 
As the year 2019 comes to an end & you are looking at 2020 with hopes & dreams for a better life here's a set of quick questions you can use, to reflect upon, to make better your resolve for the whole of 2020.
This list of questions has proven very helpful & directional for several truly successful people. The top notch leaders globally are using these questions to solidify their resolve towards growth, glory and accomplished goals.

One of the founders of a fast growing startup used these questions to refelct upon in order to accomplish much bigger goals for 2020. According to her refelcting upon these questions is like a throughly empowering brain activity and must be done with complete attention. So, one of the things you do not want to be doing is rushing through this activity. Give it time. After all, reflection isn't a process to hurry with.

When you can make an hour or two at stretch (or more maybe), sit down with a pen and paper (go old school) & take full control of your life. Let's get started.

  1. What were the 10 most productive & progressive things you accomplished in 2019?

  2. Who are the 5 people that were always there for you when you needed them the most this year?

  3. Who are the 5 people that can't continue being on your list in 2020 & you need to stop staying in touch?

  4. Which are those 3 habits that you developed this year?(If not 3 then at least 1. If none, then try running your mind into those activities that you did invest your energies into that were potential habits to develop)

  5. Which is that one place you traveled to that gave you the most profound memories for this life?

  6. What were those 3 major dreams that got checked off your dreams list?

  7. What was that 1 tough call you had to take & how did it all turn out to be?

  8. What were those 3 things you think you terribly failed at, that you needed to make acceptance with? what did you learn from each?
  9. What's that one new thing you learnt this year that you're proud of that can be truly helpful in the years to come?

  10. What's that one attitude change in your personality that you're very proud of?

  11. How did you manage your finances this year & what were your lessons in that area?

  12. How did you fare with all of your relationships?

  13. If there were only 5 major dreams you could accomplish in 2020 what would they be?

  14. Run the whole year as a tape as continuously as possible until it lasts from beginning to the end recalling every moment you possibly can (small or big) with visuals.

Make a list of 5 people you will forward this piece to and make their 2020 an awesome year. Do not forget to do it right away.
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