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An Inspiring Anecdote On The Joy of Giving

Giving is one of the most renowned joys human experiences could offer. So much healing can happen once you engage yourself in giving. Of course, it's a journey to learn how much to give and where one needs to draw the line. Sonal shares an anecdote to convey the joy of GIVING. Read ON!
The JOY of Giving
All of us treasure things in our life, some of us treasure our books, others toys, some would prefer to treasure their accessories there are various things we all want to keep with us and never ever part from it.

Well there is a lot of difference between keep something with us as a memory and keeping things with us because we are too greedy to give it away. I have come across few people in my family who do not want to part away from their toys which is more than 20 years old. Some do not want to part of with their clothes even though it doesn’t fit, some treasure their small size shoes. The list goes on.

My mom always complained that I gave away things liberally without even seeing whether I have it for myself or not, especially clothes my parents would always complain that I would stitch and not wear it but give it to others eventually. Well yes, I would most of the time give away, this made me very happy. I was not like that being the only child for my parents i had no need to share anything with anyone. Yet this one incident from my childhood changed me completely and to this day I find giving to the lesser privileged the most beautiful thing.

Most of the girls love dressing, they treasure their clothes and would never like to part from it. Has a small girl i also loved my clothes and giving it to anyone was the worst punishment for me. I would keep it safely and never ever shared it with anyone. I always had the best of the clothes and i was way too happy with the collection I had.

When i was around 8 years i had one beautiful skirt. It was white with pink work on that, a rather nice skirt with fleets and a trendy coat for that. This was one of my best pair of dress which was gifted to me by my uncle who came from abroad. Though being young i always kept all my things neat, but among the dresses this particular dress always topped the list, i had received a lot of appreciation from most of them and few of them had also asked me if they could get one like that. I was very happy as i was the owner of such a beautiful and unique dress. I treasured it for more than 2 years but as i grew the skirt became too short for me. Though i did not wear it i kept in on top of my shelf and saw to that the skirt was spick and span.

During the Christmas time the church always asks the believers if they could give in their old clothes so that they can distribute it among the poor, as a tradition and practice my mom would always give away our old clothes, though i used to protest i would give in finally, but this particular year my mom wanted to give away my priceless possession my white skirt.

I protested and cried, but my mom simply said we will give it away since it is a beautiful dress and keeping inside in the cupboard without wearing would serve no purpose, by giving it away someone could wear it and it would be used.

I refused to get convinced, i stated my reasons as to the dress was my favourite, others would not be able to take care of it as i did etc. But my mom refused to listen may be she had decided that i should cultivate the habit of sharing hence she put her foot down and was adamant that i give it away. Finally i gave in with a sad heart; with tears in eyes i gave the dress. I was upset for a few days and eventually i forget about it.

After about 6 months as usual one Sunday when i had gone to attend the Sunday mass, before entering the church my mom hurriedly called me and pointed me towards a girl who was standing a little farther near the gate, i was surprised to see this little girl wearing my same white skirt. I knew not how to react i dint know whether i was happy to see my dress or whether i was happy that someone had wore my dress. I was perplexed there was a strange happiness in me when i saw that little girl so happy wearing my dress, she was showing it proudly to the other little girls around her. I could see that the dress was still beautiful; in fact it looked perfect for her.

The JOY of Giving I realized that day the joy of giving, i would never be able to keep the dress so beautiful since i had many more other dresses like that, but for that girl probably this was just the one among her very few dresses. The joy i felt in seeing her wear the dress i had never felt it when i was wearing it.

Most of us may not want to share our things with the lesser privileged thinking that they would not understand its value, but as a matter of fact they would understand its importance more since it is all that they have, and trust me the joy that you feel is boundless.
Never miss an opportunity to give to others because when we share we really do care.

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