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How to Pick the Perfect Business Car

As much as you can say that it matters less of what material you own, it's all about your personality & what value you bring to table, there's much importance that your first impression holds in several ways & you can't ignore this forever. If you're a business person here's how you choose the right car at least. Read on! 
Perfect business case

A significant part of any business image is the car you drive. Pull up to a client meeting in a beaten up, old car and it delivers the wrong message – it tells people that you’re either indifferent or, worse, unsuccessful. Like it or not, the car you drive is a key component in making a good impression.

But looks are only half of the equation. You also need a car that’s reliable, something practical enough to facilitate your daily dealings, and something that won’t break the bank. Navigating these three criteria – looks, practicality and cost – can be tricky if you’re not a “car person”.

Thankfully, there are a few foolproof steps you can take to ensure that you choose the perfect business car. It’s not difficult, nor does it have to be pricey, but it will take some research on your part. Here are a few tips you can use to find the right commercial vehicle.

Make Sure the Car is “On Brand”

A good place to start when considering your next business vehicle is asking the question: “What kind of business do you have?” If you have a business whose core principles centre on eco-friendliness, it makes sense to start your search with a hybrid or electric vehicle. If your business centres on manual labour and you need something that can haul or tow materials, it makes sense to shop for trucks or vans. If your business prides itself on being a “luxury option”, and chases an upmarket sector, you want to start your search with luxury vehicles.

Think of the vehicle as being an extension of your business brand. This will start you thinking in the right direction, and narrow the field of options significantly.

Mix Practicality with Luxury

Perfect business case

A business vehicle, unlike a personal vehicle, needs to satisfy the demands of its particular business processes. But it also needs to look good, for the reasons mentioned above. Whatever the type of vehicle you need (a hybrid, a truck, an executive car, etc.), it pays to consider the upscale options.

You don’t need to put your business in the red to accomplish this (more on that below), but remember that whatever vehicle you choose will be an investment in client/customer engagement and market strategy. It is a part of your overall branding image and needs to reflect that.

Go for a Lease

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a company car. To get around the sizeable down payment and high monthly payments of a quality vehicle, try leasing a car for business – lease financing includes a low or negligible down payment, and the monthly payments are far lower. Not only that, but the tax advantages for a leased vehicle are stronger than its purchased counterpart.

Leasing your business vehicle is better for cash flow, and it also ensures that you’re always driving a new vehicle. Whereas you might keep a purchased vehicle for around eight years, to get the most value out of your purchase, a lease term lasts around two to four years. You are frequently updating your business vehicle, and, therefore, your business image. In summary, find an on-brand, practical, impressive car and lease it. This will get you the right car for the best possible value.

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