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False Beliefs Rule So Much Of Our Lives, No Doubt

False beliefs rule our lives, no doubt. The society is built on false beliefs in the minutest of the aspects and in trying to adapt to its rigors, we begin to acquire a series of such beliefs. Read ON!
False Beliefs Rule So Much Of Our Lives, No Doubt

I can't do this because ... it's only for the rich.

If I don't do this until I am 20 ... then I don't.

If I lose a year of my life learning ... it's too late to go on to the faculty I want.

What you do not live on time ... you never live.

By this age, I should have already achieved X, Y, Z. It is not ok to exceed 30 years without having done what others of your age have done.

If everyone does so, that means it's right.

I have a chance to do this only if ...

The list may go on forever, but I'll stop it here. I wanted to share some examples of false beliefs so that we could start somewhere.

Those are all false beliefs. The belief like only have one girl, never two, the belief that it is good in one particular way, and not as you feel are examples to add.

From where do these beliefs enter our lives? From our bringing up, from our schooling, from the college we pursue graduation from, but with little luck, if we have managed to get into the right place for graduation, we start to get rid of some. If not, we go on accumulating more.

The baggage gets bigger just as a traveller’s backpacker does. In kindergarten, baggage is the size of a backpacker; then in school, as the years go by, the backpacker gets bigger and heavier.

In high school and college, we have an opportunity. If we know how to take advantage of it, we could give up on some of the difficulties in the journey and carry a map instead. Then, successfully manage the remaining few false beliefs hidden in the map. I don't know if we can ever completely get rid of all false beliefs. Probably yes! But at times, we might tend to surface one at a time even for a minute.

It is important and essential to get rid of at least 99% of them so that we can successfully manage the small balance of 1%.

False beliefs stop us from doing what we want to, from being who we want to be, from living as we think we deserve.


Because we feel guilty that we are not doing like others; because we believe that it is not possible; and finally because even if it is possible, we certainly do not fit into the typology it deserves.

Stop! Look how far one thought takes you - and how it instantly stops you from trying.

We cannot change the world, but we can reinterpret it and build our own, small and complex, so that we can live happily in it. The matter of perspective.

You might be living on a rubbish ramp but if you put wallpaper with shells in front of your house, you will think you have a house on the seashore, and that sea will inspire you.

False Beliefs Rule So Much Of Our Lives, No Doubt
False beliefs are all beliefs that you borrow from others, rejecting what ‘you’ truly believe about a thing. When we were born, we used to believe that anything was possible. When we were young, we could think and believe that we can drive a real car in two years, we could think we can have our own business.
I, for example, at 7 years old, had my vegetable garden. I was selling those vegetables to the neighbors. Though, we had enough financial strength in my family, but I still loved earning money on my own as well. Sometimes we (me and my friends) used to give presentations behind the garden, to which we would invite the neighbors to attend, and we collected 500 lei for the ticket then, which is equivalent to a cost of a chocolate biscuit today.

Then, I started to feel that what I was doing wasn’t right, that it doesn’t look good and perceived right. At school I was told I am already a "big girl" and I shouldn’t be getting into those activities. I accepted what they said and I stopped those activities. I even feel sorry for myself that I took over their beliefs, and they slowly became mine; even if they were false, even if I felt something else deep within my soul, I began to think that it is not ok to do those activities. Why? I don't know, nobody argued with me.

We are capable of many things as long when our mind remains pure and our faith is authentic. When there is overload of information, we get into dilemmas. Additionally, then we begin to put the ego into action, forget about our true Self and things become difficult.

It's not easy! You won't hear from me that everything is easy, that life is pink with white bubbles because I don't think so it is. But I strongly believe that we have the power to do it and live the way we feel, the only really important and valuable rule in life.

False Beliefs Rule So Much Of Our Lives, No Doubt If I feel like doing something the way I want, I'll be happy. When you ask me to do them differently, although I adapt very easily and will do them, maybe even well, I will not be as happy as I was doing it my way because I did it that way by listening to you, and not why I feel. If our opinions and energies coincide, then it's excellent. If not, I think everyone should accept others as they are and be happy. Just happy.

Okay, I admit, I'm the one who only does what I want. But that's me and I'm feeling good about myself because I'm happy. When I start to obey rules and beliefs that I don't believe in, I fill myself with false beliefs and lose my essence.
I lived it too.False beliefs can be dissolved just like a kick.

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