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Delightful Things to do in Scottsdale Arizona

Delightful Things to do in Scottsdale Arizona Scottsdale, Arizona, attracts millions of people worldwide each year since this place holds a good reputation as a posh resort town and suits travelers’ budgets.

It is rich in exquisite resorts and lounges and people come to shop for and enjoy outdoor attractions.

There are plenty of museums in Scottsdale, along with other free and accessible attractions. Besides resorts, there are fine restaurants too in this city.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

This railroad-themed park is situated in the heart of Scottsdale, which is famous for the 1950s carousel ride. Enjoy the ride of the 5/12ths scale featured train in this family-oriented park.

You can see a historical railroad museum, souvenir shop along with two food concessions. Other features include birthday parties conducted in a railroad car by staff and many Reservable picnic spots. It is open seven days a week.

Everyone, including individuals in wheelchairs, can view model train displays. There are three wonderful art pieces, interactive exhibits, 4model railroad clubs, and kid’s trolleys in the railroad building model which is ten thousand square feet.

Butterfly Wonderland

Butterfly Wonderland immerses people of all age groups by transporting them into the world of various rainforest animals and beautiful butterflies. It is one of the largest conservatories in Scottsdale, where people love to explore the rainforest environment, which has the largest butterfly pavilion.

You can learn about live chrysalis and observe how they are emerging into beautiful butterflies naturally. You can enjoy the 3D theatre about Monarch migration which is quite captivating to the eyes and mind.

You can indulge yourself more as you stroll through the beautiful butterfly’s conservatory and spend ample time there. Get yourself close to the unique inhabited reptiles, cake and gift shop, live ant colony, and honey bee exhibit in the rainforest.

Delightful Things to do in Scottsdale Arizona The Penske Racing Museum

The Penske is one of the famous racing museums among race car enthusiasts in the Scottsdale area. The Penske team has fifty years of racing experience with 500 victories. It is one of the coolest racing museums in Scottsdale.

Some notable famous cars that are currently found are Danny Sullivan’s car and Indy 500-winning vehicles. You can enjoy 18 amazing cars on display (a third of Penske Racing Collection) and host your event in this racing museum, which can accommodate up to 150 guests for a private dinner to 300 guests in all.

The museum's first floor has all the cars on display, whereas on the second floor, you can find a customer lounge, cafe, trophy rooms, and gift shops.

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center rescues, rehabilitates the native wild animals, and releases them back into the wild. SWCC teaches guests to respect and value wildlife and try to conserve their natural habitat.

You can see many animals no longer found in the wild like Mountain lions, endangered Mexican Gray wolves, great horned owls, black bears, porcupines, and Bobcats. It has helped rehabilitate many animals, and 70% of them are released back into the wild.

The conservation Center rescues wildlife that has either been orphaned or displaced/injured. Private donations, grants, and fundraising are how SWCC is funded.

Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak Park is one of the famous hiking trails that is located in the Scottsdale area. The 150 acres of the park is an expansive and popular hiking destination that elevates 600 feet from the desert floor.

The spectacular views with a 1.75-mile trail consist of upscale homes, resorts and golf courses. There are other amenities like picnic tables, parking lot, restrooms, etc. This wildlife Sanctuary contains jackrabbits, antelope, scampering lizards, gambel quail, cactus wrens, and many mammals like mountain lions, javelinas, Bobcats, coyotes, etc. The best time to witness the wildlife is dusk and dawn.

Delightful Things to do in Scottsdale Arizona CrackerJax Family Fun and Sports Park

CrackerJax is a family and sports-oriented park in Scottsdale, Arizona, smaller than other amusement parks. It is different from a typical park having roller coasters along with mechanical daredevil rides of carnival-type.

People of all ages come here to have fun and enjoy outdoor activities. It is a suitable place to spend time with family or enjoy baseball and golf swing.

Some attractive and popular spots are bumper boats, go-karts, miniature golf courses, and Bungy Done, which allows you to fly and charge separately, excluding the package price or wristbands.

Other indoor game attractions are birthday party packages, hosting group events and company parties, and a cafe that offers snacks and beverages.

Chocolate Tour of Scottsdale

Gwendolyn McKay owns the chocolate tour of Scottsdale, where participants between ages 8-80 visit chocolate hotspots and enjoy chocolate treats within the time limit of 2hours 30 minutes.

You can experience extraordinary goodies and delicious chocolate. Take this tour time to enjoy the chocolicious moments of life. You’ll get to enjoy some delightful chocolate assortments that include ice cream, cupcakes, hot chocolate, truffles, and baked goods.

The tour includes amazing strolling through the famous streets of Scottsdale that showcases visitors' art galleries and other shops. The cost of this tour is $45, which includes complimentary delights as well. The last stop of the tour is the classic cakes Bakery.

Arizona Outdoor Fun

Arizona outdoor tour provides a large fleet of UTVs and ATVs, which offers plenty of guided tours, shooting adventures, and off-site rentals. You can experience the thrill of the Sonoran Desert, learn more about the history of Arizona and navigate the winding mountain trails.

This adrenaline-packed adventure comes with a guide that leads your way. The NRA-certified instructors ensure our safety during this adventure. Get ready to enjoy the outdoor shooting range, explore Arizona’s abundant wildlife and Native American ruins across the Agua Fria riverbed.

This adventure tour comes once in a lifetime with breathtaking views of mountains like the Bradshaw Mountain, deep canyons, and Sonoran Desert wildlife. It is one of the most adventurous trails Arizona has ever offered, with test runs and safety operations.


Scottsdale is known as “The Beverly Hills of the Desert” as it is a rich and famous place in the Greater Phoenix area. The city has many features, including golf courses, high-end hotels and gourmet restaurants, warm weather conditions, and tourist attraction that makes this city a popular destination all year round. On top of this, there are historic parks, art galleries, and excellent museums.

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