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What Are the Advantages of Travelling in Winter?

Advantages of Travelling in Winter Before the coronavirus pandemic, tourism was booming. According to a 2018 report, there were a record 1.4 billion international tourist arrivals that year alone, with more than 74 million international trips taken by UK tourists. Instinctively, many make their yearly holiday plans for the summer period – but not much is said for the winter. Here, we’ll cover four key advantages to travelling in the winter, over the summer period.

Festive Traditions

Travel can open your eyes to many wonderful things, from new and exciting cultural movements to age-old traditions – and winter is no exception. Indeed, travelling during the festive season can introduce you to a wide variety of new experiences, from authentic Christmas markets in Germany to candle-lit Christmas processions in Mexico. What could be better than marrying Christmas festivities with discovery in another country?

Cheaper Travel

Perhaps the single biggest benefit to making an international journey in the winter is the relative reduction in the cost of travel. For many popular holiday destinations, the winter months are regarded as the ‘off-season’, where lower temperatures result in a distinct drop in tourism. As such, vendors and airlines charge lowered prices to entice customers for off-peak travel and accommodation, making a winter trip much more affordable for some Advantages of Travelling in Winter than a summer trip. However, there is often a trade-off for that cheaper travel, beyond the climate conditions of your destination: travel options are fewer and farther between, and amenities may not be as available as during the tourist season. Should you be taking a winter break in the Canary Islands, you would benefit from booking your transport from Tenerife South airport in advance – ensuring you can stick to your travel schedule, and avoid disappointment.

Less Competition for Tourist Attractions

With the downturn in tourism that the off-peak brings for countries in the western hemisphere, so too comes increased degree access to tourist attractions and landmarks for those travelling in the off-peak. Where famous attractions such as the Acropolis would usually draw significant crowds, making it difficult to enjoy for the average tourist, visiting off-peak means tourists can see more of the landmark, and enjoy the finer details without jostling for a place amongst others. A More Immersive Experience
For the traveler that wants more from their journey than traditional tourist fare, the off-peak is a perfect opportunity to get the true measure of a destination. Peak times for weather are also peak times for profit, as holiday-makers seeking sun inspire seasonal businesses and traders to cater to demand. Visiting in the off-season grants you the chance to see a more authentic side to the place – and a chance to speak more candidly with local citizens.

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