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15 Self-help Courses That Will Help You Do More, And Achieve More

Self help courses With the growing complexities that surround our lives, the demand for self-help courses has gone higher than ever, and rightly so.

The emotional, attitudinal, and work challenges we may be experiencing in our lives can leave us drained and stuck. In such times, we look for people who can guide us through them. While, you may be lucky if you find a mentor, in other cases, the courses and books through which many people have shared their experiences come to the rescue.

Are you looking to get better at what you do and lead a successful and a fulfilling life?

If so, here is a list of 15 courses that can help you overcome challenges and explore your true potential:

1. Getting Organized for Peak Performance:

Instructor: Don Gilman

Looking to maximize your productivity and achieve peak performance? This course by Don Gilman is for you.

Don Gilman is an Agility and Resilience expert for executives, teams, and organizations.

In this course, you will learn to get a grip on your time management, structure your work environment, and effectively use strategic planning tools to make the most of your time. Additionally, you will also learn how to delegate some of your tasks to others so that you don’t continue to suffer from never-ending to-do lists.

2. The Complete Self-Discipline Course - Control Your Own Life

Instructor: TJ Walker

The quote “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment” by Jim Rohn is among the popular quotes on Discipline.

Irrespective of whether you are looking to build a healthy lifestyle, improve work efficiency, grow your knowledge, or improve creativity- you may need to take some steps and perform them consistently with discipline.

Self-discipline may be hard to achieve but not with the revolutionary Selfie Speak Programming techniques that the author shares in this course. It will help you master complete self-discipline in the easiest and most time-efficient manner.

3. Building Self-Confidence:

Instructor: Todd Dewett

There is no doubt that self-confidence is crucial for your personal and professional success. Be it taking on new challenges, attracting new relationships, or grabbing new opportunities, self-confidence is the doorway.

But, more often than not, we suffer from the lack of it. Thus, we are stuck in the same place, same situations, and/or in the same type of work. If you are looking to improve your self-confidence, this course is for you. In this course, you will learn not only how to build self-confidence but also the methods to sustain it.

Todd Dewett is a celebrated Author, Speaker, and Leadership & Authenticity Expert.

4. Humane Productivity: Burnout Proof Your Performance:

Instructor: Rahaf Harfoush

With the competitive environment we live in, it is easier than ever to experience burnout. The productivity tips that encourage you to work more and put you into a non-stop hustle may be doing more harm than good.

In this course, Rahaf Harfoush shows new ways to design your work system that is more aligned towards creative cycles that boosts your energy and helps you accomplish more.

Ms. Rahaf Harfoush is a strategist, digital anthropologist, and an NYT Best-selling Author.

Self help courses 5. Managing Stress for Positive Change:

Instructor: Heidi Hanna

Have you ever thought that ‘stress’ can be used to fuel positive change? It is often viewed as a negative term, isn’t it?

In this course, Heidi Hanna shares what stress exactly is, and how you can train yourself to effectively use stress for a positive outcome. She also shares tips for managers on how can they create an environment that helps reduce employee stress.

6. How to Crush Self-Doubt and Build Self-Confidence:

Instructor: Pete Mockaitis

Ever suffered from impostor syndrome? It is a situation of high self-doubt and low self-confidence. Building confidence is a slow step-by-step process. In this course, you will learn the techniques that can help you keep negative thoughts at bay, and build confidence by reminding you of your accomplishments.

Pete Mockaitis also shares the importance of our environment in shaping our beliefs, and also the benefits of effective affirmations.

7. Strategies to Get (and Stay) Unstuck:

Instructor: Jeff Fajans

Feeling stuck is not uncommon, especially as we move higher in our careers. There may be some challenges that may be stopping you from moving your ideas forward, take bold decisions, and executing projects. If so, this course by Jeff Fajans can be of great help.

Mr. Jeff is a creative performance and executive coach and this course will provide you with the tools you need to stay out of this mind frame of ‘being stuck’; and strategies to improve prioritization, eliminate distraction, and optimize your time and energy.

8. Time Management Blueprint for Writers:

Instructor: Stacy Juba

As a writer or an author, you may be faced with several situations that you have to be dealing with while also continuing your writing. This can sometimes be overwhelming.

In this course, Stacy Jacobs shares a 4-part framework that can help you gain powerful and practical tools to get organized, find balance, and accomplish your writing goals. Ms. Stacy arrived at this 4-part framework after having faced exhaustion due to personal and professional challenges.

9. Goal Setting: Objectives and Key Results (OKRs):

Instructor: Jessie Withers

Achieving the OKRs [Objective and Key Results] is an attribute of a successful organization. These Goals [OKRs] provide clarity on priorities, empower employees, and encourage collaboration and alignment.

If you are running an organization and want to help your employees reach their full potential, these OKRs are a powerful tool. In this course, you will learn how to design these OKRs and implement them across the organization.

Self help courses 10. Journal your way to your dream life:

Instructors: Kenz Soliman, Adriana Cabello, Bao Yang, Elizabeth Hambleton, and Valerie Hertzog

Journaling is often considered one of the best wellness tools. Writing down your dreams or goals and experiences of your day-to-day life helps you in ways more than one.

In addition to improving your mental health, it helps you with stronger motivation and constant inspiration to design, create, and live your dream life and business.

In this course, the instructors share the strategies that can make starting to journal an easy process. In their words- “All of these strategies are tried, tested, and proven to work like magic”.

11. Assertiveness Training & Assertive Communication:

Instructor: Alex Genadinik

Being assertive can help you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view. It is the skill to have a more open and honest conversation with the people around you without coming across as rude or authoritative.

Assertive communication helps in every aspect of a professional life including negotiations.

With this course, you will learn to develop assertive communication and also ways to implement it in friendly situations, at work, and even at your home.

Alex is a successful entrepreneur, a 3-time bestselling Amazon author, and has coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs.

12. Habitually Better: Building habits to be your best self!:

Instructor: Sathish Kumar Jagadeesan

Habits that you develop can be the foundation of your life. Hence, building powerful and positive habits is of paramount importance if you want to craft a focussed, effortless and satisfying path towards your future.

But, although the importance of good habits is well-known, forming those habits and building consistency is a different ball game altogether.

If you have been struggling with this, this course is for you. You will learn the ways to develop impactful habits, build them, and relate them to your goals.

13. Creating A Positive Mindset - Accelerating Personal Success:

Instructors: Scott Paton, Louise Armstrong & Scott Alex

A positive mindset and positive thinking are the pillars of leading a stress-free life and achieving your goals. It is the power to see the positive and bright side of the situations in your life. It helps improve your physical and mental well-being and boosts your experiences towards an enriching, successful, happier, and fulfilling life.

If you are finding difficulty in seeing the bright side of things, this course can be of immense help.

14. Turning Weaknesses into Strengths:

Instructor: Dave Crenshaw

As a leader, you may feel pressured by having to look, feel, and show that you are perfect. But, it may do more harm than good.

Being authentic in your leadership will help you become a better leader as well as a better person.

In this course, Dave Crenshaw answers the question- “How can you do your best and succeed, not just in spite of your imperfections, but because of them?”. It teaches you to embrace your imperfections and weaknesses, get help and build a mindset of improvement.

Dave Crenshaw is an Author and a Leadership coach.

15. Managing Your Energy:

Instructor: Mike Vardy

With the work pressure increasing, it can be easy to feel de-energized and exhaustive. The instructor- Mike mentions that “the productivity tips like time management and task management would only work if energy is properly managed”.

If you are suffering from constant exhaustion, this course is for you.

In this course, you will learn how to understand your own body clock, evaluate prime and low-time and plan up tasks according to energy levels. He also shares some advanced techniques to sustain your energy.

Final Thoughts:

We hope these courses can help you walk on your path and succeed. Lack of self-confidence, discipline, time management, self-doubts, and a positive mindset may be some of the roadblocks in your journey, which these courses will help you eliminate.

We wish you a successful and fulfilling life filled with experiences and productivity.

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