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Worried About Going Bald? What if You Chose to be Instead

Worried about going bald Statistics show that more than 50% of men face the issue of baldness by the age of 50. Hair loss causes worries and anxiety. While there are people who work hard to cure it, there are some who have embraced it [rather literally]. It may sound drastic, but many are opting for a clean-shaven head.

Some are opting for it as a solution to hair loss, while some are for the ‘Style Statement’. But whatever the reasons may be, the number of people going for a clean-shaven head is on a rise.

If you have been someone thinking of the same, but scared to take the plunge, here is a list of benefits that ‘Baldness’ offers that might inspire you to go for it:

Benefits of Skull shaving:

1. Saves Time:

Believe it or not, Hair care and grooming consume time. Have you ever noticed the amount of time shampooing, drying, combing, and grooming the hair consumes? We may not realize it as they may have become a part of the routine. On the contrary, having a bald head doesn’t require high maintenance. No brushing, no combing, and no other activities associated with hair. This would save time that can be invested productively.

2. Saves Money:

Hair care products are costly. We tend to use more hair care products today than we did a decade ago. The statistics confirm the same. According to data on Statista, an average American spent $78.7 on hair in a year. Although balding will not save you the complete amount, you are ought to be able to save some bucks. Maintaining a bald head isn’t as costly as maintaining a head with hair after all.

Worried about going bald 3. Adds a Glow to your face:

Everyone’s face has a unique style and a set of features that may go unnoticed with the hair. With hair, it takes away the focus from your face, and worse- if your hairstyle isn’t perfect, it can even detract the opposite person. Going bald brings the entire attention to your face and facial features. A shining head that compliments the shining eyes and glowing face is the best combo.

4. Escape the Hair loss stress:

Well, it’s a fact that Hair loss causes stress. The statistics show that 25% of men start balding by 21 years of age and 50% of males experience baldness by the time they reach 50. It is a stressful and daunting task to look into the mirror each day and notice the hairline receding. Balding can be a great solution to escape this stress. It will not only save you from the daily agony of hair loss but may also make you look younger.

5. Makes you look more attractive:

You know, by going bald you make a bold statement for yourself. The bald people are lesser in number and therefore they grab attention in the crowd. Going bald makes you look more masculine and a hard person compared to those with hair. It reflects a strong persona that will drive people towards you.

6. Makes it more appealing:

Going bald is a strong step to take and that improves your Self Confidence. People like to be around people who are confident and uplifting. Hence, it comes as no surprise that bald people enjoy more appeal compared to their counterparts with hair. What’s more? It may boost your career by helping you land a better job or crack bigger business deals.

Worried about going bald 7. May lower the risk of illness:

Several completed and ongoing studies suggest that there are reduced chances of prostate cancer in bald men compared to those with hair. While these findings might not be considered conclusive as yet, this is something you can be happy about.

8. Celebrities do it:

There is an element of craze associated with doing something that well-known celebrities have done. If you have decided to go bald, worry not, you have examples of many celebrities on your back. Many popular personalities including the actors like Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, our own Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson; football legends like Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant, and inspirational speakers like Robin Sharma have embraced baldness.

About Skull Shaver:

While it may be a tough one, if you do decide to embrace baldness, the products of Skull Shaver will be your best buddy. This company and products are created by Bald people for Bald people.

The biggest challenge for going bald and for those already are is ‘Shaving the head’. Applying shaving cream/foam all over your head and shaving might not be a convenient option especially if you are a frequent traveler.

Skull Shaver’s electric shavers are convenient to hold and require no foam for shaving. What started as a project of Mr. John Lyes and Mr. Neel Kulshreshtha in 2010, has become world-renowned for its patented design of electric shavers. Its electric shavers have revolutionized the skull shaving industry and changed the way you shave.

Skull Shaver is the one-stop solution for skull shaving needs!

We, at iU Online Media, are inspired by how Skull Shaver’s razor makes skull shaving easy. There is no foam required, and no nuisance of falling hairs! You can carry it anytime and anywhere. Hence, this information is to inspire ya'll towards these benefits. We're delighted to partner this brand and your purchase shall result in a commission that helps us build this positivity media. #StayInspiredOnTheGo 


While it may sound drastic at first, skull shaving has become the latest fashion trend. It is also an inspiration to embrace early on, what is supposed to be happening as we age. Skull shaver is on a mission to make skull shaving easy and feasible for everyone.

What are your thoughts on skull shaving? If you have shaved your head, we would love to know your experience in the comments below.

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