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3 Telltale Signs that an Elder Needs Support

Telltale Signs that an Elder Needs Support The boomer generations were indeed tough because most of them had to live through some exceptionally trying times. Despite all that, age catches up with everyone, and eventually, even the strongest senior in your family may need some assistance to lead a good life.

Unfortunately, they do indeed belong to a different generation, and some would not ask for any assistance even when things are dire. In some instances, the elder may not even realize that they need help until it is already too late for that. Such tragedies are preventable, of course, if you know the telltale signs to look for. Let’s get to know a few of the most useful ones next.

Unexplainable Weight Loss and/or Dehydration

If you find yourself startled at how much weight they have lost between two visits, then investigate. Be polite and ask them if they are on a weight loss plan or diet of some sort. If the question confuses them or they answer in the negative, then that can be qualified as a case of unexplained weight loss.

Unexplained weight loss is quite common in seniors who live alone and unattended. The main issue here is that the cause is not as unexplainable as it initially seems. Such rapid weight loss in a senior most likely indicates he/she is forgetting to eat and drink properly, or perhaps the elder is not feeling as hungry or thirsty as they should.

The reason could be psychological or medical, but the chances of it having origins in both are much higher. Whether it is a deadly neurological disease like Alzheimer’s, a common issue like dysphagia, or a treatable condition like gallstones, you should take it as a sign that they need to be taken to a physician or a hospital as soon as possible.

Whatever the cause may be, a senior who is forgetting to eat, or simply cannot eat for some reason or the other, must not be left on their own. If you or someone close to the elder cannot take care of them at home, look for assisted living communities for seniors near you. If you live in or close to Elk Grove, check for supported living options at this Elk Grove IL senior living community.

Telltale Signs that an Elder Needs Support Hoarding

Hoarding can be a psychological side-effect of dementia, but it can also be a result of debilitating pain that is keeping the elder from housekeeping duties. Either way, if you find that the house is a mess, smells bad, and it looks like he/she has not thrown away anything in years, it’s a clear sign that they need your help. As they are not able to maintain hygienic living standards for themselves anymore, someone will need to take over the duties on their behalf.

Amnesia or forgetfulness to a small degree can be accounted to age-related memory loss, but not to the extent where it feels abnormal and rapid. Despite what most of us believe, aging alone does not automatically lead to excessive memory loss, and it is never rapid. If the elder is forgetting people they have known for a long time, family members, and even the present timeline, take it as a sign of abnormal dementia and a silent plea for help. Now that you know what to look for, pay extra attention on your next visit. Sometimes, all it takes is a careful look and a good talk to know all that you need to.

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