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Lenostube Review: We Tested 5 Services And This Is What We Think

Lenostube review It’s very important to understand that YouTube is more than just a video hosting platform. It also is a social networking site and an advertising platform. In other words, it's a fantastic method to establish a personal connection with your clients or find new viewers easily. For this reason, everyone is now opening a YouTube channel, which also makes channel growth harder than ever.

And one of the reasons why many people seek help in companies that can help a YouTube channel to increase its organic views and subscribers.

And LenosTube is one of the most trending YouTube marketing companies right now, so we decided to give it a review. They say they could help you ascend to these heights. But is it true? What is our review and opinion based on our experience?

In short, LenosTube is a good platform for YouTube channel owners and marketers of any expertise level. It has some unique services, easy to use, and provides effective and most importantly real-users strategies to grow your YouTube channel. Even though, some things are also not the best and need improvement on their side.

This platform, which is run by a group of social media experts from different parts of the world, including Italy, the United States, and the Philippines, aims to offer secure and real YouTube services, for growing your YouTube channel.

But by being a bit more specific, what are some popular products that we tested and that they are selling? And what is our review?

On the LenosTube website, you may purchase many YouTube services: YouTube views, watch hours, likes, comments, and subscribers as well as video embeds or video creation services.

They also provide a fully monetized YouTube Channel. Their prices are somewhat standard, but their services are nice.

Now, let's discuss a few of their services one by one:

1) Fully Monetised Youtube Channel

Lenostube review

According to them, their paid YouTube channels would include unique material (graphics and videos), over 1000 subscribers, 4,000 watch hours, a logo for your Channel, and an official website (optional). All you have to do is provide them with your email address, the niche you want your monetized channel to focus on, and whether you want more customized video production. We tried this service and it was good. The content did not give any copyright issues, it looked nice, and the channel was monetized. We are still struggling to make money back from the investment, but likely this is on us/youtube. The product was as mentioned and actually the content on the channel was better than expected, with proper videos with an English voice-over, a script, and some editing. (Just like the ones you see in their video creation service).

2) 4000 Watch Hours

Lenostube review

If you want to attain 4000 watch time hours to enable an income for your YouTube channel, this option is worth considering. Especially if you feel like you will never get them by yourself, or will take ages.

Afterall, getting monetized also means more benefits and perks, not just money.

If you are like us, then maybe you got a lot of views on your YouTube videos when you first started out, but things have since leveled off, and you're having trouble determining why. At least that is what happened to some of our channels!

Fortunately, these people at LenosTube claim they can assist you in achieving 4000 watch hours very rapidly (and from real people), and they assert that 100% of their customers get monetized.

All you have to do is share your channel link with them and tell them how many watch hours you currently have, and if there is any specific video you want to get the hours on… and they can do all the rest from there.

Since we thought that getting a monetized channel this way would be cheaper, we produced our own content and used the service. In 4 days only all the required hours and subscribers were sent, and in 1 week circa the channel was monetized, so it was a positive experience.

The bad thing is that we don’t think the subscribers are engaging with our new content. But, they explained to us that this is because the real users are paid to subscribe, so they likely do not have a genuine interest or time. Which makes sense. Possibly, is impossible to force someone to subscribe and then watch all your content? If you want to get monetized fast, that is the price to pay.

3) YouTube Views

Lenostube review

After trying many providers, they probably provide the best youtube views we tested, and kudos to them. “High retention views (avg. 10+ minutes) from different sources that boost your channel authority and watch hours”, they say. And that is actually true. Some videos were getting up to 20 minutes of retention which is amazing.

“Privately owned servers are used for delivery methods, giving you quality traffic from real users and increasing your organic traffic.” While we were unable to tell if all users were genuinely real, for us, the best ones were the products “high retention”, “youtube ads” and “real and English”.

Also, low-priced views were good and possibly real, as we got some likes, dislikes, and subscribers. The only downside: a few were dropping. I suppose, low-priced for a reason.

4) YouTube Comments

Lenostube review

Comments are important for engagement and to make your video look like it was appreciated by other viewers. Their comments are provided via USA Accounts at normal speed and Many extra likes to the videos and comments are done. The comments are 100% real comments, which means they will never get deleted.

We tried and the best surprise was receiving replies to our comments, which made it seems like the comments were coming not only from real people, but also active on YouTube daily.

A bit expensive, so not a service we would put our budgets on, but nevertheless a quality one, especially the hand-written ones.

5) YouTube Video Embed

Lenostube review

Here is what they say: “With this service, videos are embedded inside relevant articles with unique content! (ex. your video is about “learning English”, videos will be embedded inside articles about how to learn English).”

If you are into SEO and have a website, you know that these things actually help. And in this service, every article is unique and is indexed, and It's therefore Great for growth and search results ranking. We received a report with the articles and we were surprised by the quality, as they were published on proper websites with nice design.

So, we may conclude that A happy customer is more likely to return and spend more money. And LenosTube seems to get the point by providing good quality. According to me, LenosTube is a reliable business with very innovative and quality service. The biggest issues were a bit of a slow answering time from support and at times a few orders being stuck. And as you can imagine is not the best mix, if an order get stuck and support takes many hours to fix. Other than that, a good experience among the ocean of so-and-so websites that provide YouTube marketing services. Overall, we had a positive experience, we express gratitude to them and joyful growth – as they helped us for our channels.

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