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Exploring Lucrative Careers that Pay You to Be on Social Media

Earning on Social Media Social media has become an integral part of our lives. These days, most people use social media platforms to connect with friends, stay up-to-date on news and trends, express themselves, or just be entertained. But did you know that some people actually make a full-time living using social media?

There are several lucrative careers where you can essentially get paid to be active on social media. If you’re creative, engaging, and understand how to grow an audience, you may be able to monetize social media and turn your passion into a profession. Keep reading to learn about five social media jobs that allow you to make money while scrolling your feed.

1. Influencer/Content Creator

So, you want to know how to monetize social media? One of the best ways to monetize social media is by becoming an influencer. An influencer or content creator builds an audience on social platforms in order to monetize that following. As your number of engaged followers grows, you can partner with brands to promote products or services on your channels through sponsored content. The more authentic influence you have, the more money you can make per sponsored post or campaign. Top social media stars can earn anywhere from several thousand dollars to well into six figures per single sponsored post.

2. Social Media Manager

Nearly every brand understands the importance of social media marketing today. As such, there is huge demand for social media managers to run company profiles and oversee their social strategies. These professionals craft engaging posts, oversee content calendars, monitor metrics/engagement, interact with followers, run ads, and maximize the brand’s social presence. Salaries typically range from $30k-$90k based on experience and company size.

3. Blogger/Vlogger

Bloggers and vloggers create written or video content focusing on a specific niche—beauty, tech products, toys, food, etc. The best bloggers build loyal readers who not only consume their content but engage with it through shares, likes, and comments. Once a solid following is built, they monetize through advertisements, affiliate sales, eBooks, digital products, and brand sponsorships related to their niche. Top bloggers can make six figures or more.

4. Online Video Editor

Earning on Social Media Every social media star, influencer, and brand creating video content needs an editor to help perfect that content post-production. As more video content is created every year, demand for online video editors continues to rise. Video editors assist with editing footage, color correcting, adding graphics/animations, manipulating audio, exporting final videos, and more. Rates run $15-$100+ per hour based on experience level.

5. Social Media Customer Service Rep

Brands strive to provide top-notch customer experiences, including timely responses and helpful service via social channels. Thus, they hire social customer service reps specifically to monitor channels, respond to inquiries, provide helpful information, address complaints, and generally ensure positive customer interactions that build brand loyalty. These reps must have excellent communication skills, brand knowledge, and judgment-handling issues. Salaries generally start around $35k.If you have a knack for engaging audiences through social platforms, there are plenty of potential careers allowing you to get paid for the social media activities you already enjoy. The influencers, content pros, marketers, and customer service reps of the world help brands expand their reach and connect with consumers—all of which pays them back in rewarding social media careers.

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