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FLAIR 2023 - An Intra-Collegiate Cultural and Management Extravaganza

Flair 2023 BMS CULTURAL event Flair 2023, an intra-collegiate cultural and management extravaganza hosted by BMS College of Commerce and Management, emerged as a dynamic confluence of culture and management, spanning three vibrant days from 28 November 2023 to 30 November,20231. The extravaganza kicked off with two days dedicated to fostering business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit through a myriad of management events for the students.


28 November,2023

1. Tarang - The Cultural Club: Reel Making

2. Tarang - The Cultural Club: Guess the Song

3. Prometheus - The Literary and Reading Club: Debate

4. Surabharathi Samskruthi Sangha: Kathaa Kathanam (Storytelling)

5. Innovative Hub - The Tech Club: Comic Canvas

6. E-Cell: Sultan of Sales

7. Finix Club: Mock Stock

8. NSS Club: Best Out of Waste

29 November,2023

1. E-Cell and Finix Club: B-Quiz

2. Tarang - The Cultural Club: Face Painting

3. Marketing Club: Big Pitcher

4. Bhavaranga - Theatre Club: Lights, Camera, Action

5. Anikethana Kannada Sangha: Kannada Sports Commentary

6. Hindi Club: Bollywood Masti

7. Prometheus - The Literary and Reading Club: Scavenger Hunt

These events collectively contributed to the diverse and vibrant tapestry of Flair 2023, enriching the intra-collegiate cultural and management extravaganza of BMS College of Commerce and Management.


Empresario, the entrepreneurial fair organized by E-Cell of BMS College of Commerce and Management as a part of Flair 2023 on 28 and 29 of November 2023 unfolded as a vibrant showcase of the students' entrepreneurial spirit. This lively event transformed the campus into a bustling marketplace, where students from BMSCCM demonstrated their creativity and business acumen through an array of stalls. The aroma of diverse cuisines showcased the culinary talents of the students.
Intricate mehndi designs adorned eager hands at the mehndi stalls, while colorful stickers and innovative games were the center of attention. Each stall not only displayed the students' dedication and entrepreneurial skills but also provided a hands-on experience in the world of business. Empresario served as a platform for the students to hone their skills, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and creating a lively, engaging atmosphere on the campus.


30 November, 2023
Flair 2023 BMS CULTURAL event The much-anticipated intra-collegiate cultural and management extravaganza of BMS College of Commerce and Management, Flair 2023, reached its pinnacle on 30 November 2023 with its cultural event. The day unfolded as a celebration of talent, creativity, and cultural diversity, featuring a diverse range of events and performances.
To grace the occasion, we had Dr. B.S. Ragini Narayan, Donor Trustee, Member Secretary and Chairperson of BMSET, Sri Aviram Sharma, Chairman of BMSCCM, Sri Gautham, Chairperson, BMS Hospitals, Wing Commander. Sri Raghavan Sir, Director Administrator, BMSET, Ms. Chaitra Vasudevan, an anchor in the Kannada film industry (KFI) and a television host as guests of honor, and Mr. Niranjan Deshpande as the Chief Guest.

The event commenced with a warm welcome extended by Ms. Progya Ghosh and Ms. Varsha K, setting an enthusiastic tone for the afternoon. A captivating inaugural dance performance by Ms. Haripriya and Ms. Janya not only mesmerized the audience but also set the stage for the spectacular events that were about to unfold.

A symbolic gesture of enlightenment took place as dignitaries participated in the lamp-lighting ceremony, symbolizing the illumination of knowledge and creativity. Dr. Preethi Stanley, Head of the Management and Corporate Communication Department, eloquently delivered the welcome address and Dr. Pankaj Choudhary, the Principal of BMSCCM addressed the gathering and shared a few words with the enthusiastic crowd. Sri. Aviram Sharma, Chairman of BMSCCM, shared insights and encouragement, emphasizing the significance of such cultural events in the holistic development of students.

Flair 2023 BMS CULTURAL event The esteemed Chief Guest, Mr. Niranjan Deshpande, a multifaceted personality known for his diverse roles, delivered an insightful address, inspiring the audience with his journey and experiences. Ms. Chaitra Vasudevan, a prominent anchor in the Kannada film industry (KFI) and a television host, addressed the audience at Flair 2023, sharing her thoughts and insights. The cultural extravaganza started with a mesmerizing performance by the BMSCCM College Band – The Melange, led by Sunidhi and her talented team.
Bhavaranga, The Theatre Club of BMSCCM, captivated the audience with their artistic brilliance by delivering a compelling MIME performance centered around a horror theme, leaving the spectators thoroughly enthralled.

Flair 2023 BMS CULTURAL event The fusion of Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Yakshagana dance forms was beautifully presented in the Jugalbandhi performance by The Thal Milan - Chandana and her team. The dance floor came alive with a soulful duet performance by Janam Jodis - Amulya, and her team, displaying graceful movements and synchronized choreography. Progya and her team then mesmerized the audience with "Divinity – a Greek god and Arabic-themed fashion show," showcasing a blend of creativity and style.

"The Divas," Swathi, and her team took the stage by storm with a high-energy group dance performance, leaving the audience in awe of their talent and coordination. Vintage Vibe - Nithin and his team transported the audience back in time with a lively and entertaining retro dance performance, filled with nostalgia. Mad Ads and Lazy Dance by Govind and his team brought humour and creativity to the stage with a series of entertaining and witty Mad Ads, followed by a laid-back Lazy Dance.

Flair 2023 BMS CULTURAL event Rhythmic Rebels – Group Dance by Aditi and her team delivered a powerful and synchronized performance, showcasing their rhythmic prowess and collective talent. Thunder Troops – Group Dance by Arya and her team electrified the atmosphere with an energetic performance, leaving the audience enthralled by their dynamic choreography.
Beat Breakers – Group Dance by Megha and her team showcased their agility and dance skills with a high-octane performance, keeping the energy levels soaring. Ryan and his team infused the stage with an aura of sophistication, presenting a regal and stylish fashion show named "The Royals," providing a captivating glimpse of royalty spanning across different eras. Yashas and his team closed the fashion show segment with a creative and entertaining ramp walk featuring iconic characters from various walks of life.
The celebration continued into the evening with a lively DJ Night, providing a platform for students to unwind and dance the night away. The event concluded on a delightful note with a communal dinner, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the participants and attendees.

Flair 2023 not only showcased the diverse talents of BMSCCM students but also provided a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation. The success of the event reflects the collaborative spirit and creative energy thriving within the BMSCCM community.

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