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Mindtrick 2023: A Resounding Success in Elevating Chess Excellence on the Grand Board at BMSCCM

Bmsccm chess tournament BMS College of Commerce and Management, in collaboration with the Karnataka State Chess Association, Bangalore University District Chess Association (BUDCA), and Mandya Chess Academy, proudly marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of the 6th edition of its annual open chess tournament - Mindtrick 2023.

Bmsccm chess tournament Mindtrick 2023, which unfolded its chessboard on the 22nd of December, 2023, stood as a testament to BMS College of Commerce and Management's unwavering dedication to providing a platform for aspiring chess enthusiasts and fostering intellectual sportsmanship.

The 9-round open chess tournament lived up to its promise of delivering thrilling encounters and intense competition among participants. This year's edition garnered widespread acclaim, attracting over 300 participants hailing from more than 100 colleges across India, truly reflecting the diverse and expansive reach of the tournament. The event's prestige was further elevated by the participation of 37 FIDE-rated international players, injecting an extra layer of excitement and competition into the chess landscape.

Bmsccm chess tournament The inauguration ceremony, a grand affair in itself, was graced by esteemed Chief Guests Ms. Isha Sharma, a Woman International Master with a stellar chess career, and Mr. Arvind Shastri, Secretary of the Karnataka Chess Association. Their presence and valuable insights added a layer of richness to the event, setting the tone for the intense battles that were to unfold on the chessboard. The ceremony was presided over by Sri Aviram Sharma, Trustee of BMSET and Chairman of BMSCCM, and Dr. Pankaj Choudhary, the erudite Principal of BMSCCM, lending an air of prestige to the occasion.

The stakes were high as the chess maestros engaged in mental warfare, with substantial cash prizes awaiting the triumphant. M Gopika from Silicon City Academy emerged as the first-place winner, securing an impressive cash prize of INR 25,000.

Bmsccm chess tournament The second-place winner, Nihal N Shetty from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, exhibited exceptional prowess and walked away with a well-deserved cash prize of INR 10,000. Prahalad Sen from Akshaya Institute of Technology claimed the third spot, earning a respectable INR 5,000.

The participants securing the fourth to tenth positions were not left unrewarded, each receiving a cash prize of INR 2,000. These talented individuals who made their mark in the top ten were Pazhaniappan M, Srikant Nayak A, Aneesh Krishna S, Punith Neeli, V Raghavendra, M Sibi, and Yash Bijlani. These attractive prizes underscore the organizers' unwavering commitment to recognizing and rewarding exceptional talent within the chess community.

Bmsccm chess tournament Mindtrick 2023, beyond being a chess tournament, embodied a celebration of intellectual rigor and strategic thinking. The event's success was a collective effort, seamlessly blending the passion for chess with the organizational prowess of BMS College of Commerce and Management, the Karnataka State Chess Association, Bangalore University District Chess Association (BUDCA), and the Mandya Chess Academy. As the curtains drew on this thrilling chess spectacle, the organizers and participants alike were left with a sense of accomplishment, eagerly awaiting the next edition of Mindtrick to continue the legacy of promoting chess excellence.

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