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A child's cry

It was a sunny day, and the scorching sun had succeeded in creating an unbearable atmosphere for most people trekking. Agitated, restless and hot, I joined a queue at a Bus Station in Accra, waiting for a vehicle to finally come and transport me home. Then the disheartening scene struck me. A layer of tear clothed my eye as I saw this little girl about 10 years of age, moving feet by feet, inch by inch, collecting empty water sachets from heaps of rubbish at the bus station. She had nothing to cover her hands and her oversized slippers, tattered clothes and sweat-drenched face composed a very demoralizing and disheartening scene.

I felt helpless when I gazed around and realized that she was just one of many more kids doing same. Many more children about her age, moved tiredly from one point to the other picking rubber from rubbish heaps. Why were these children not in school? Were they even attending school? Hmmm! Take a critical look the very next time you visit or pass by a bus station.
These children could be orphans, living on their own or living with relatives or probably ones living with very poor parents. The little girl I saw could be the next top Female Entrepreneur, Leader, or a renowned professional in her nation, but with her environment, whatever dreams she could be carrying, stood a potent threat of termination.

Hidden in those children at the lorry station, I believe, are very rich potentials whose fruits are solutions to the WORLD'S PROBLEMS. Help protect the good seed in a child today and you may be saving an entire forest of positive impact tomorrow. Cause a child to smile now, and you may be saving the cries of an entire generation in the near future.

Let us help the children to serve their generation...

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Prince Adu-Appiah
Prince Adu-Appiah is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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