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A minute after rapture!

"Have I been left behind?" "Oh God! Have I really been left behind?" I jolted up from the sweat drenched bed as these words blurted out of my mouth. The rapture had taken place and I had been left behind. I almost went to the other rooms to check and find out whether people were there. It was some seconds later I realized that it was a dream. Hmmmm!

The dream began well as I found myself at a great function held at the Independence Square of Ghana. It was a remarkable event just like the swearing in of a President. In a twinkle of an eye in the dream, there was chaos everywhere in the square. People could not locate their friends as though some had vanished. The structures at the grounds began to collapse and many people got injured. It was a disastrous scene, one I had never witnessed before. It all became clear to me after a while that the rapture had taken place, and I had been left behind. I began to search all over to see whether I could locate some of my friends and family members, but I could not; they had been raptured and the whole thing was shocking. I saw many religious and renowned people who were shocked like myself and wondered why they had also not been raptured.
The first minute after the rapture will present two major experiences for two groups of people. The first group represents those who would be raptured and will go and meet the Lord in the sky. The second group is the one I found myself with, in the dream. Think about this; within the very first few minutes after the rapture, there would be news on the various networks about missing presenters, there would be plane crash cases all over the world because righteous pilots would be ruptured, doctors having surgeries would be raptured leaving patients cuts open. There would be lots of road accidents like they have never happened in history. Lecturers would be shocked to see empty student seats, and students would be stunned to see their tutor disappear. There would be chaos even at sea; ships and boats on the sea would have missing captains, or passengers. Babies behind the back of parents would be reported missing. The whole world would come to the realization of what scriptures have talked about since time immemorial. This would bring great grief to the inhabitants of the world. I lost hope in the dream, because I was left behind. I began to weep, as I thought about all that could happen to me afterwards. I remembered a clue the Holy Bible gave- "...there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth...". I began to think about all the time I had spent evangelizing. I had become a sign post that directed people to a place I was not going to see. I realized that all the things I had done had been in vain. Beloved, I woke up from bed that day and began to pray for forgiveness. There is no time to waste. We are in the end of the end times. Don't be a part of those who would be left behind but determine to join those who would watch the whole event from heaven. Decide to be raptured.

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Prince Adu-Appiah
Prince Adu-Appiah is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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