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Makers of history

"The world becomes a beautiful place once you begin each day with a smile. The world becomes a stage of opportunities once you begin to solve problems. Your world turns simple, once you decide to live simple, and the world glitters in light once its residents refuse to live dark lives."

To see a world full of potential, put on the glasses of love and optimism, never envy another person just because he never complains about his/her life. The Normal Life of others can be an extremely unbearable one for you. Be good to all and refuse to return evil for evil. Live right and stay strong. Love all and hate none. Life suddenly turns interesting once you live it with hope and much faith.

The makers of History are all over in our history books. The statues of some of them are boldly stationed in the most important places of our nations. Their names fill up our important books. Their lives become great stories to tell the younger generation and their quotes are often quoted in the lines of great speeches and writing pieces. They live their hearts out, yet history records them. They pursue excellence, yet success is added to them. They live simple, but often they baffle the minds of many.

All great history makers are great thinkers. Jesus Christ was a thinker who thought of the salvation of the world. Mahatma Gandhi was a thinker who thought of the liberation of the great nation Indian. Kathryn Kulman was a thinker who thought of the people the Lord healed through her. Abraham Lincoln was a thinker who thought of his great country America. Mother Theresa was a thinker who thought of poor and deprived people. Kwame Nkrumah was a thinker who thought of a united great Africa. Steve Jobs was a thinker who thought of each day as though it was his last. Are you a thinker? What have you thought of? What have you been thinking of?
The truth is, you've got to be a great thinker if you're going to be a history maker who would be known for positive influence on both the smooth and rough carpets of the world.
The great thinkers didn't have spare brains, neither did they have twice the opportunities that come our way. They thought of normal things, but refused to think about them the normal way. They thought of normal situations, ideas, inventions, abilities, possibilities, problems, challenges and plans, but in great ways. Everyone thinks of salvation; the saving of somebody or something from harm, destruction, difficulty or failure (Microsoft Encarta 2009 definition), but Jesus Christ decided to think of the salvation of not only his home but the entire world. That is a great way to think of salvation. We all know leadership is an important thing. That's normal to think of leadership, but Myles Munroe decided to study the importance of leadership and to teach his findings to the entire world. Today he is very great. That is a great way to think of leadership. There are countless more normal things that were thought of by great thinkers in great ways.

Personally, I have an ability to reflect on life in special ways; I can look back in history and hold it in comparison to the present. I have an ability to use my findings and positive conclusions to influence lives. There is nothing that is happening or will happen that has not surfaced somewhere on earth before. My plan is to use this reflective ability of mine to educate my sphere of contact and the entire world - To refer the world to things that can enhance livelihood, eradicate falsehood and ensure a fulfilled living.

There are many great thinkers or great history makers, who may not be famous, but to their worlds, they may never be forgotten - a father somewhere may not be known by the entire world, but to his immediate family, he is a super model. A mother struggling somewhere to take care of her kids may not be known by all, but to her children, she would be a history maker.

To become a history maker one has to discover a particular path to use. One has to decide what he/she is going to be and how he/she is going to be what he/she wants to be. There are many good paths which may look all good and seemingly appealing to use, but the right path is often lurking amongst the many good ones. There is a big difference between good and right. It may be good to buy a car, but it may not be right to buy it now.

At this junction of life, one has to consider the following tested essential keys;


Certainly, you did not wake up in a nowhere land and decide to include yourself here on earth. Just as a nice shirt in a nice shop in your city would not just disappear from the shop's closet to reappear in your closet, someone led you to this life. You have a creator. You were created by someone supreme.

This essential key says acknowledge that creator. Find out why He brought you here, what He sent you here to do, and then agree that His purpose for your life has hidden in it the success story of your life. Acknowledge the Creator and just ask Him why He brought you here. Believe me, if you discover the right way to ask, you'll be responded to. Great thinkers don't think this world just appeared or that they just showed up, by chance. YOUR TALENT, SKILL AND POTENTIAL
There is no way a rabbit will beat an eagle in a flying class. Neither is there the possibility of an eagle beating the duck in swimming lessons. When there is a running exam on land, in the animal kingdom, the cheetah is the most likely animal to finish first and not the hippo. This is typical of life. Talent is given to every individual to win in an area of his/her gifts. Talent is natural and God-given. It is an unusual natural ability given to humanity to excel in an area of life. Talent is very great but it is not everything. You have to develop your talent into a skill. The best skill is the best harnessed talent. You are only as good as your skill. You may be very talented, but your talent is no good enough until you develop it to the point where it becomes of some value to humanity. You need to serve your developed talent to a niche of the world. The advantage of a talent is; once you have control over it, you can use it with ease and simplicity. Others may find it difficult to do the same thing, but once it's your talent, it will just flow from you.

Potential is what lies within you that you have not yet discovered. Potential is a great thing and an indispensable ability, but you first need to discover it and then harness it. You can have the potential of a great voice, but first you need to discover that talent, train it into a mastered skill, and then serve it. The history makers leveraged on their talent and potentials. They developed that into a skill or skills and history certainly refuses to forget their records in the history books or in the minds of their beneficiaries.

Mike Murdock says rightly that we are created to solve problems. No one is born to be a problem. This includes you. You are a solution. Look around you and begin to identify some problems in your home, community, country or continent. You just need to start from somewhere. All the great makers of history are unforgettable in their world(s) because they solved a problem or problems of those world(s). Identify the need and begin to solve it today.

You can identify a problem, discover the solution to use to solve that problem and then start to solve it, but without the right mindset, you will not go very far with it. Some people lived, who discovered good problems of society to tackle, but without the right attitude towards the whole problem solving approach, they quit somewhere. Let the reasons for your pursuit of societal problems be genuine. Some people set off to do good who may have negative motives behind what they are about to do. Some others would act as though they are solving problems once people are there to acknowledge them for what they are doing. Others do it for some quick and erroneous gains. Please, let our reasons for doing things be genuine. Have the right thinking. If you are passionate about something, you'll have the right heart to do it. Develop that passion and the right thinking, it will keep you going.

It is said that the difference between the successful ones in society and the failures is not that the failures didn't think of something good. They did but their good thoughts remained as thoughts. However, the successful people are considered as doers. The beautiful ideas of non-doers never manifest. On the good better best scale, an idea is good, but its reality is best. Until you decide to do now, start now or act now, you are likely to join the long list of just-dreamers. Once you decide to start working on your dream today, you stand a great chance to keeping on it tomorrow. "You will become what you are becoming right now. Stop dreaming of things you are not working on." Myles Munroe.

Amongst the many seemingly good paths of life is the right one. There are many good paths you could use, but the right one is lurking in there somewhere. To find the right path, I believe it takes a correct spiritual backing, true purpose, passion, the right thinking or attitude and the desire to better the lives of others. You will find true peace when you use the right path. Work hard and smart for others to live right. Employ the services of your rich potentials. Your God-given talent, natural gift or skill will play an important role in helping you become a History Maker, a World Changer, and a positive Mark Maker. You decide whether or not to become a history maker, but this is what we, the human race desires - that you join the list of HISTORY MAKERS!

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