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Unforgettable are my parents who trained me in the path I should tread on, cautiously molding me into the right shape to make a positive impact to my generation and contribute to better the ones unborn.

Unforgettable are my siblings with whom I have enjoyed family bond. Growing up with you guys has given me an insight on how to productively maintain other relational bonds.

Unforgettable are my mentors whose guidance, counsels and tutelage have undoubtedly contributed in making me the man I am today. On their shoulders have I sat on to have a better view of the world around. Not at any time will I forget these outstanding personalities for having soared on the wings of their sagacity and experiences.

Unforgettable are my spiritual leaders who labored day and night for my spiritual growth and enrichment. What future would I have seen without their aid? What kind of a man would I have been without their loving rebuke, encouragements and life-transforming messages?

Unforgettable are my exceptional teachers who saw the "Me" before I even knew myself. Not at any time will I forget their comforting and inspiring words. Not at any time will I forget them for removing the seeds of complacency. Not at any time will I lose the memory of them for pointing me into direction of escape when life was so tough and mountains seemed insurmountable.

Unforgettable are my treasured friends in whose presence I have thought aloud. Their companionship is one of the best things I have ever known. Their influence and company have made me a better man.

Unforgettable are you, Sages and Geniuses who went ahead of me leaving your footprints. Your words and sagacity have I savored; your lifestyle have I stopped long enough to observe and learn.

Unforgettable are my lovely sweethearts who never failed to engage my emotions. Not at any time will I forget the uneasy pleasures and fine pains.
Unforgettable are you who believe in me. Your encouragements have never stopped to improve my confidence.

Unforgettable are you, my wonderful fans who never get weary in applauding me as I climb the stairs of success. Not at any time will I forget your unequalled efforts in neutralizing the venom of mockers and scoffers.

Unforgettable are you, my extraordinary reader. Frowns go on exile and smiles take the stage when I remember you always find time to read my literary works.

Unforgettable are you, my angelic strangers. Your kind deeds will I never forget.

Unforgettable are you whom I have not mentioned. My memory is not short enough to forget you. Amnesia will know me not. Unforgettable are you all who have, in one way or the other, made a contribution to better my life. Your names are all written in the pages of my heart and published in my memory book.

Unforgettable are those events, challenges and struggles that made me stronger, better and wiser.

Unforgettable will my works be, for they will continue to positively shape lives and make the system that drives the progress of humankind better.

Unforgettable is my pledge. Not at any time will I forget this word of honor - to act with courage and not with rage.

Unforgettable, this piece will forever remain. Not at any time will it stop to remind you that I value and treasure you.

Most unforgettable is my God - the essence of my existence, the giver of life, talent and wisdom. Unforgettable are you Lord for being patient with me. Unforgettable is your great mercy, loving kindness and unmerited favor. Thank you for making my life a masterpiece!

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Ogwo David Emenike
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