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Amateur Robotics Workshop by Credence Robotics

Credence Robotics is an organization formed by engineers of Bangalore who are very passionate and have keen vision in the field of Robotics. Credence Robotics was founded on 16th of November 2011 under the guidance of Mr Subhash K C who has a keen vision of empowering the Robotics technology in India.

About us:

The main aim of Credence Robotics is to provide the best technical solutions for global humanitarian challenges and to share the knowledge of robotics & Automation among the students. Making personal knowledge available for other is the central activity of Credence Robotics.

Our Mission is to gift mankind with technical contribution towards its excellence with the motto "We Tweak Technology" Robotics is a slowly emerging field and paved way for millions of jobs on versatile competitions all around the globe. As a part of our mission, we are here having an experience of training more than 250 students in the field of robotics. We are conducting one such workshop (Amateur Robotics Workshop) from 4th January 2014 to 6th January 2014.

About Amateur Robotics Workshop:

Objective: To impart the knowledge of Robotics & Automations from the scratch.

  • Participants in this workshop will be led through a series of intellectual, cognitive, and theoretical exercises that seek to strengthen technical ability, as well as the creative processes.
  • Here participants learn how to start with robotics & embedded system and then to tweak it for their needs.
  • All the modules are hands-on Practical sessions and involve extensive physical construction and experimentation. The Kit consists of take-home materials used to construct the prescribed Robots. We do not cater to "Theory only" aspirants, as we believe that Theory can be picked up anywhere by students.
  • We do not follow a Class Room approach nor do we indulge in spoon feeding. We follow the unconventional method where WE ALL learn together.
The company has been providing an excellent coaching with practical knowledge which increases their own creativity and which leads to success. There are quality instructors who are the key of our company; they help the students with much interest towards them.

Being a part of this workshop could give you the best experience. The kits which are provided are well tested before handing it over to the students and we are very sure about making the student satisfactory sessions.

PROs of attending this Workshop:

1. Participants will get to know the basic rules and principles used in Robotics.
2. The microcontroller board and the concepts we teach can be massively or hugely expanded to suit all their needs in the future.
3. Will get hands-on Practical experience.
4. Each student will receive a Course Certificate.
5. There will be an assignment project which will help them to understand the concepts we teach.
6. Students will be learning how to interface ARDUINO (Which has ATMEGA328/8L Micro controller) with different type of Sensors, Hardware, PC, etc.
7. This workshop will be a Good platform for students to explore and implement their technical creativity.
8. The concepts which we are teaching will be based on their academic syllabus. Hence they can excel in their carrier also.

Rules and Regulations:

1. A team may consist of 1 student, preferably and not exceeding 3 students. (Participants can make their own team, no issues regarding this).
2. There are no entry constraints, except interest; students from all streams and semesters can attend the Robotics Workshop.
3. Only ONE kit per team is issued.
4. The Take-Home Workshop Kit contains all materials necessary for the relevant Modules. It includes Electronic components, DC Motors, Motor controllers and other materials needed for construction of the respective modules.
5. It is recommended to have a Laptop per Team.
6. There will be a Competition at the end of workshop.
7. Students willing to take part in this workshop should register online.
8. This workshop is open for any one above age 14.

Syllabus covered during Workshop:

1. Basics of Electronics, C, Embedded Systems, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Arduino, H-Bridge, Etc.
2. Five - projects on Playing with Arduino Multipurpose Shield's Buzzer.
3. Two - Projects on Serial Communication between Arduino and PC/Laptop.
4. Three - Projects on Interfacing IR Sensors with Arduino.
5. Competition based on the workshop.

Workshop Fee (Of course, nothing comes for free!!)

For single participant: Rs. 2800/-
Team of Two or three: Rs. 3200/-
(This fee includes Take home kits)

Workshop Date & Venue:

Date: 4th January 2014 to 6th January 2014 (3 Days).
Place: Ideal Recreation Club, Behind BBMP Office, Ideal Home Town Ship, Rajarajeshwari Nagar,
Bangalore - 560039.

Media Partner:

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1. Is Laptop compulsory per person?!
Ans: NO! A laptop is sufficient for a TEAM, not a Person. And please inform us if your team doesn't have a laptop.

2. What if we want to increase my team members?
Ans: No it's not allowed!

3. Am I supposed to attend the workshop daily?!
Ans: YES, We recommend you to attend the workshop without any Break.

4. Can I have a team of different institutions/colleges?
Ans: YES you can. ID card is Compulsory

5. I don't have a laptop with me. Can I join the workshop?
Ans: YES you can. But, it could be difficult for you to keep up with the workshop. It is highly necessary to have at least a PC at your home. Please make sure you inform us if you don't have either of them. It would be helpful for us to arrange one for you.

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