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IUY2C (IU Youth 2 Children)

IUY2C project is all about transforming children to the next level by sharing with them knowledge about higher education, health and hygiene, basics of internet like Google, email, flipkart, online railway ticket booking etc. We had great experience in addressing many children from different schools and orphanages. In 5 days, we managed to reach out to students from 7 schools and one orphanage.

During IUY2C project execution we had to face many challenges and had to overcome all of them too. The project was taken up during the Dasara vacation and we went miles together in search of schools. We also had to face college internals at the same time. Though it was a very difficult situation we didn't give up and went in search of schools. Finally, we ended up with 7 schools and one orphanage, and addressed around 635 students within 5 days. We had a great feeling and satisfaction because of our work during that time as we had impacted those young lives. There was a new feeling in those children as they felt that they had learned something new and useful.
The schools which we touched are:
St. Mount Mary educational society -Yelechenally, Indian public school -Yelechenally, GN English public school, Camlin English school- RPC layout and some more.

Strong message for youth from Kavana:
Obviously youth will face problems in all kinds of matters. So, my suggestion is to take it as a challenge, work hard, have strong determination and focus on goal, and surely, you will achieve it.

Strong message from Puneetha:
Youth should take up a challenge of giving their best time to provide knowledge that they have gained to government school children. The main aim should be teaching the best which children can take up forever.

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