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Starbucks hits Bangalore

Every first has always been the excitement. Comments, feedback, excitement, word of mouth, PR, Features, talks, outings, visits, casual ones, planned ones are all the things that are commonplace when it comes to the launch month of any eat-out, hang-out or a coffee shop. The Starbucks Coffee Shop in Bangalore is latest buzz in town.

A TATA Alliance in India has made Indians more happy of what is capable of offering. Starbucks made a niche for itself in the last few decades across the world in the section of being able to serve world class coffee and give people an experience of taking back amazing memories of quality moments spend at their outlets. It's now ambitious to extend its wings into India and capture the market of ever growing number of people who are willing to spend time outside their homes and offices at Hang-outs.

The Indian culture is seeing a drastic change in Metros and Upcoming cities where people are willing to spend on the time and experience at coffee shops, cafes and theme restaurants and it definitely is an opportune time for Starbucks to step in. With outlet at Delhi Airport, the first ever outlet of Bangalore was opened to people. The long queues were just a clear statement of the craze and love for the brand already among the people here.

Tonnes of Brains that have drained to the west have kept themselves alive on the terrific coffee from the Starbucks out there and they have sent across the aroma here. The Cafe Coffee Day chain has only added to the growing love among Indians for Coffee. Starbucks' step to release itself in India brings the Indians a chance to experience the fine standards of coffee and variety of taste they are able to deliver. Frappuccino being one of their strong item on card is a new taste to the Indian Taste Buds.

IU eMagazine PR Team spoke to a few customers walking out of the Starbucks on a fine Sunday evening and enquired about their purchases and how they loved it. To no surprise to the team - the response was indeed great. The culture change compared to the traditional coffee shops in India to queue up to receive your order comes as a slightly annoying factor but it's just a matter of time for the highly adaptable Indians to tune in and endorse Starbucks as it was always theirs. 

The video clip shares the responses of people among which very noticeable was the feedback of IIPM Pass out who said that the Coffee Shop had much more to offer than the already existing brands which definitely must alert a lot of competitors to tighten up their seat belts, pull up their socks and offer things that can retain their customers.
If you have visited the Bangalore outlet or any other in India, feel free to share your experience in the comments column here.

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