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Be The Best

People will always love you for what you are, rather than what you were or what you want to be. It’s the story that you are leading that empowers you and people will love to hear only that, than the story that you possess in past or the story that you would create in future. What makes us best every day is the story that we are creating and living every day. Living for what you wanted and what you created will always redefine your personality in a positive way only if you were successful in doing something that creates a little change and gifts little growth to the environment you are surrounded with.

Push yourself to the limits and excel your potential levels. The growth of an individual entirely depends on to what extent one can push his limits to excel in the work that was assigned to that person. And one can do it, only if one believes in oneself in doing so. It’s simple, you are bound to act as the way you feel, teach yourself to be a leader, and your brain is bound to work in that direction. Believe it or not, what you take-in is what your actions would depict.
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I have seen many people, just being worried about themselves and if asked about the reason, they would just tell that the world is too competitive, and it’s too difficult to survive. My simple question is, “Why are you comparing yourself with the whole world?” To state it with an example, there are 2 different industries; one is the industry involved in manufacturing chips and another is involved in manufacturing cold drinks and these 2 are the industries who are not in direct competition with each other. What if these 2 company compare with each other and plan their business strategies on that note. Is that meaningful?

The same problem is what we are facing; we compare ourselves to those, who are in no relation with us. We compare ourselves with people whom we should not. Instead compare yourself with the previous day, it's much more meaningful. Lead a practical life; be assertive towards your dreams, vision, and most importantly, on the belief and trust on yourself. Be as to what you are, rest ignore. If something should bother us, because it was just for us that’s it.

In commerce terms, we all human beings are individual firms of one industry called life and we work towards one sector called goal. When industry is only one then it has its monopolistic rule in the market, and as diversification of labour is done by industry, every firm will be given its target customers, to whom product must be produced and they are taught on how to maintain the demand and supply gap, and they are even taught on how to bridge the gap. All we need to do as individual firms is to work towards and for the assigned work which is imposed as responsibility on us. In order to accomplish the work we need resources and in our real life, we are the producers, or indeed, cultivators of our own resources. Once these are processed properly the outcome which is a finished product is sure to gather the highest demand in the market.
So, the competition of you is not with others, it’s with you and yourself of yesterday.

Few key points-

  1. Today give your best-est so that the best is at least carried tomorrow.
  2. Only you can be the best competition for yourself. So, stop comparing and start competing.

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