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Coffee Diplomacy!

Ever since my mother relocated to Bangalore in 1954, she has been buying a particular brand of coffee powder. In between, she may have tried a few other brands, but then switched back to the original brand. This is not a very well-known one but has been consistently delivering good quality coffee powder. Interestingly, my mother has never tasted coffee and she just can’t stand the smell of coffee, yet she makes the best coffee! (I know of a friend whose wife is a pure vegetarian yet cooks great meat dishes for her family!)

Friends, relatives and others who have tasted coffee at our household swear by this. Making excellent coffee at home in this part of Karnataka is nothing new. Every friend I visit in Bangalore/Mysore tells me that his/her household makes the best coffee. The jury is still out on that!
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In the year 2010, my daughter joined a college in Jayanagar and in the first few days of college she made friends with a girl, who on further discussion admitted that they had recently moved to an area closer to our house. It so happened that she would be driven in a car every day to her college and our house was en route. She offered to pick up and drop my daughter back home every day. My wife and I too felt comfortable that our daughter had safe transport. 

One day, instead of the regular driver, her dad arrived to pick up my daughter and stopped in front of our house. As a matter of courtesy, I wished him, introduced myself and I happened to ask him where they live and what he does for a living. Casually he mentioned that he is the owner of a brand of coffee powder that we had been using for the last 56 years! And he had NO idea that we were using coffee powder from his company!
My daughter and her friend chose different careers, but now, we get fresh, quality powder home delivered and at a discount!

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Phanibhushan Sharma
Master's degree in Systems Engineering from University of Maryland.

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