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Eliminates dark side of the Moon

Often when I see the moon,
In the evening which comes after noon;
I see it frequently singing a new tune,
And I always feel it as a boon.

Sometime in the day which was a reality;
Is now just a remembrance in the pertaining actuality?
Which leads us for tomorrow's schedule priority,
All this happens seeing the moon in the eternity.

Amidst all these - few other thoughts that show its appearance,
According to the situation in the day, that had its occurrence;
Disturbs the peaceful mind adding lot of substance,
Where we realize “The dark side of the moon" is still in Existence!

Former gets stuck with this thought,
Latter they realize to forget the “ought”
That the dark side of the moon is “sought”
Only in those part where sun is bright and hot!

All would have dreamt, many would have tried to put it in to action and worked for it, but the fact is that only few could make it – this statement stands true for all the possible to impossible to I will make impossible to “I am possible” things in the world!
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Today’s youngsters are merely of the mindset that they should stand out as unique personalities amongst the crowd. We want to be different and we try all different things in different ways; we are the craziest amongst the existing crowd, the maddest crowd in terms of enjoying, helpful crowd in terms of humanity, ideological in terms of inventions, opportunistic in terms of using existing opportunity – if it’s not there, then we just create one. Youth of today acts as the craziest pilot to drive themselves to the unseen destination of their lives. Yes!!!!!!!!! It is damn adventurous and youth loves adventures because we are not scared of anything and most of the youth live with this attitude and, of course, it’s a right one to live with too!!

Still the powerful hands are powerless due to lack of motivation, lack of identification, lack of implementation, lack of expertise due to no experience and, most importantly, lack of guidance. Due to these reasons, many youth stop after dreaming, some stop after acting on their dreams and, at last, only few start adding feathers to their cap because they learnt to come out of the things which the other two categories of people could not do. Because the first two categories of people believed in the existence of dark side of the moon and forgot the bright side of it; that gave them hope. The last set of people realized about the dark side of the moon as it’s only seen by those who see where the sun shines bright and hot.

Similarly, a platform named i3 - Influence Inspire Impact, is acting like the sun to the youth, which is making the youth realize that the problems come into picture only when the solutions are near to be found and acted upon. Hope exists only when belief is undeterred on the dream. i3 helps the youth to realise that, though the dark side of the moon is into existence, nature always tells us to see the bright side of the things, whether it’s the bright moon at night or a bright day gifted by sun, which covers the dark moon!!!
i3 stands as a dream transformation edge to the youth today, how?

  1. Inspiration – Like how a vehicle is of no use without fuel in it, a dream that is not inspiring, and lead without inspiration is also of no use. Something that energizes the vehicle when it stops is fuel. In the same way, the vehicle of dream is led by a fuel called INSPIRATION which will act as a mechanism that STARTs a vehicle after every OFF. The only difference is that vehicle runs on limited fuel while i3 fuels youth with UNLIMITED inspiration.
  2. Motivation – Even the horse proves itself to be fast, only if it’s running with other competent horses. In the same way, i3 provides such a motivating, professional environment that enables youth to get motivated in the right way and be a motivation for others!
  3. Idea to action – what’s the use of having creative life changing ideas in mind? They get value only when the same ideas take shape of action. In the same way, i3 provides a platform to execute the ideas, irrespective of the complexity, practicality – because unless execution takes place, next plan of action on idea cannot be formulated.
  4. Experience – Nothing can mould a person to a better person other than Experience. Experience acts as a pain killer to the problem until the right medicine is found. It helps grow persistent levels of tolerance and patience level in youth, which we lack a lot. i3, in its 14 weeks, gives thorough note of experience on 14 different aspects, by which youth can know something of few things and have hands on experience on few things.
  5. Guidance – It is said that a person of vision is a person with a dream and a right mentor; both these aspects play an important role to shape up one’s dreams into reality. At i3 this is the highlight. All the above mentioned 4 points need to be guided into a right direction and must be channelized carefully, because any of the above mentioned if taken in less, will not have any effect. If it’s abundant then it might be waste of resources. But only a mentor will know what pill to be prescribed, in what quantity and at what time so that the patient grows immunity to stand up in any situation and do what he wants to do without fearing anything, and just focus on walking towards dreams.
Thus i3 acts like a bright sun to the dark side of the moon by giving solutions to all the problems, by acting as a Guru to a student, by gifting experience for lively journey, by adding fuel of inspiration to the vehicle of dream and, most importantly, by giving life to the budding ideas.

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Jeevitha DM
Jeevitha DM is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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